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European Solidarity Corps launched and nature protection debatedWeekly meeting07/12/2016

European Solidarity Corps launched and nature protection debated

The new European Solidarity Corps enables young people to make a meaningful contribution to society and acquire valuable skills. The Commission also discussed the need for an improved and smarter implementation of the Birds and Habitats Directives.

Antitrust: Commission fines banks €485 millionPress release07/12/2016

Antitrust: Commission fines banks €485 million

The European Commission has fined Crédit Agricole, HSBC and JPMorgan Chase, a total of € 485 million for participating in a cartel in euro interest rate derivatives.

First European Vocational Skills WeekNews05/12/2016

First European Vocational Skills Week

From 5 to 9 December 2016, the European Commission is organising the first European Vocational Skills Week to encourage people to discover, use and improve their talents and abilities through vocational training. More than 750 events are taking place across Europe.

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