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View of the College meeting

Weekly meeting01/07/2015

EMU and EU budget discussed; defunct proposals withdrawn

The College of Commissioners sets out short-term steps towards completing Economic and Monetary Union, withdraws defunct legislation and discusses financing of the EU budget.

EU to end roaming charges by June 2017


EU to end roaming charges by June 2017

Commission proposals to end huge telephone bills while on holiday and poor Internet connections finally to become a reality.

President Juncker during the press conference


President Juncker wants the Greek people to know the truth

President Juncker explained the proposed package for Greece, rejected by the government, highlighting that it was demanding and comprehensive but fair. He made clear that people should know the truth and that voting "yes" in the forthcoming referendum would be a "yes" to Europe.

Õigus ja poliitika

Euroopa Komisjon tegutseb paljudes poliitikavaldkondades ning on ELi õigusloomeprotsessi algatajaks.

Rahastamine ja avalikud hanked

Programmide ja projektide toetamiseks on olemas suur hulk rahastamisvõimalusi.

Elamine, töötamine ja reisimine ELis

Teie õigused ELis: probleemide lahendamine ja kaebused