Hacia una Unión de la Energía

Noticias destacadas25/02/2015

La Comisión y sus prioridades


President Juncker

Weekly meeting25/03/2015

Digital Single Market: Commission agrees areas for action

Digital technology is part of everyday life – yet many barriers remain to using it. Today the Commission discussed the Digital Single Market Strategy due for adoption in May and set out the main areas of its work.

Reconstruction of the waste storage site

Press release26/03/2015

Commission acts for proper implementation of EU legislation

In this month's infringements' round, the Commission made a total of 98 decisions to ensure the proper application of EU law for the benefit of citizens and businesses, including 8 referrals to the European Court of Justice.

EU's dairy quotas come to an end on 31 March


End of dairy quotas: a challenge and opportunity for the EU

31 March 2015 marks the end of the EU's dairy quotas. In the context of a reformed Common Agriculture Policy this provides EU producers with more flexibility to respond to growing demand, especially on the world market and create more jobs.

Legislación y políticas

La Comisión Europea actúa en muchos ámbitos y pone en marcha el proceso legislativo de la UE

Vivir, trabajar y viajar en la UE

Tus derechos en la UE: resolución de problemas y reclamaciones