State of the Union

Σημαντικά θέματα

State of the Union

Wednesday 9 September 2015, 9:00 CET European Parliament

Η Επιτροπή και οι προτεραιότητές της


Refugee crisis: Commission support to Greece


Refugee crisis: Commission support to Greece

First Vice-President Timmermans and Commissioner Avramopoulos travelled to Athens and Kos, as part of the Commission's visits to several of the Member States most affected by the refugee crisis, to discuss the necessary support measures.

Calais: Advancing on a European approach to migration


Calais: Advancing on a European approach to migration

During a visit to Calais with Commissioner Avramopoulos, First Vice-President Timmermans announces an additional EUR 5 million funding allocation to France to help tackle the situation in Calais.

President Juncker and First Vice-President Timmermans in an archive photo

Weekly meeting02/09/2015

Commission seminar: Tackling the challenges ahead

President Juncker and the College meet for a seminar to work on solutions and ideas for the demanding challenges ahead. The focus will be on migration and the completion of the Economic and Monetary Union. The seminar also serves to prepare the State of the Union address.

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Η Ευρωπαϊκή Επιτροπή δραστηριοποιείται σε πολλούς τομείς πολιτικής και αποτελεί το σημείο αφετηρίας της νομοθετικής διαδικασίας της ΕΕ.

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