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Dear User,

Thank you for visiting the EU Immigration Portal website. In order to maximize User experience on this website we recommend using the configuration below:

The EU Immigration Portal supports the following Internet browsers:

Browser Supported Version
Firefox 3.X
Internet Explorer 7, 8

Best resolution: 1024 X 768 pixels screen resolution and Javascript Enabled.

To ensure all content is readable and that all functionalities work, it is recommended to use the above-mentioned browsers.

It is not recommended to deactivate Javascript on your browser as several functions in the Portal are only available when JavaScript is enabled.

In order, to have a better visualization of the printing page, please follow the below steps to properly configure your browser.

For Firefox 3.6.X

Select from the Menu File - Page Setup

In the tab Format & Options you should see a checkbox "Print Background (colors&images)"

Please check the checkbox "Print Background (colors&images)"

The background images and the layout of the page will be now displayed on your print.

Internet Explorer 7.X, 8.X, 9.X

Select from the Main menu - Tools - Internet Option - tab Advanced

Scroll down on with the right hand side bar until you see the Menu Item - "Printing " select the checkbox - "Print background colors and images "

The background images and the layout of the page will be now displayed on your print.


This functionality in Google Chrome is not supported.

Please note that the Google Chrome browser does not support out-of-the-box Real Simple Syndication [RSS] (for more information about RSS, please read In case you access the Portal through this browser, you might need to install the appropriate extension in order to access the RSS feed.