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Speakers' Biographies

Head of IDABC unit - European Commission

Karel De Vriendt is a Dutch speaking Belgian who holds a nuclear engineering degree and a post-graduate degree in IT. After having worked for seven years as a software engineer and project manager in a large multinational telecommunications company, he started to work for the Commission in what is now the Information Society and Media Directorate-General, following-up research projects related to software engineering.

Thereafter, he worked for fifteen years in the Commission’s internal IT service, managing projects and teams working on electronic mail, networking and telecommunications, user support and application development. From 2005 to 2006, he was responsible, in the Enterprise and Industry DG, for the pan-European eGovernment services unit. This unit is responsible for the IDABC programme that has as its objective to “identify, support and promote the development and establishment of pan-European eGovernment services and the underlying infrastructure supporting the Member States and the Community in the implementation, within their respective areas of competence, of Community policies and activities, achieving substantial benefits for public administrations, businesses and citizens.”

François Elie
François ELIE
Chairman - ADULLACT, France

François Elie is the President-Founder of ADULLACT, an association devoted to build, develop and promote a legacy of free software, especially in professional areas, bound for local authorities. Members of ADULLACT are primarily Public Sector entities: amongst others various Regions, Departments and many Cities including the three largest ones in France.

ADULLACT's public forge (, dedicated for free software on public funds, is the first of its kind all over the world, and it led the march to other initiatives like European forge OSOR.

About FLOSS in the public area he said: "software is 'free' once it's been paid for, and public money has to be paid once". Philosophy teacher and computer scientist amateur, François Elie recently wrote a book titled: "Free Software Economics" ("Economie du logiciel libre", Eyrolles Ed.).

He is among the predecessor of the cause of the "paying customers" in the open source area.

Joël Lambillotte
IT manager - Sambreville, Belgium

With a bachelor in IT, Joël Lambillotte has been at the head of the IT department of the Commune of Sambreville since 1990. In 2005, in collaboration with the city of Seneffe, he initiated the community project CommunesPlone, with the objective of collaborative development around the CMS Plone. Software applications are created through exchange of experience and consultation among the 76 towns of the project. He is currently in charge of coordinating the project. He is also co-founder of the PloneGov community and Member of the Plone foundation.

Pedro González Pérez
gisEIEL Project - Deputación da Coruña, Spain

Born in 24th July 1956, Pedro González Pérez is a Technical Architect and a Geographer, and holds a Master of Sciences in Geographic Information and a Master of Sciences in Libre Software, as well as an Advanced Studies Diplomma on Computation. From 1990, he works as a Technical Architect at the Service of Technical Advisory to the Municipalities, in 'Diputación de A Coruña' (A Coruña Province Council, in Spain), holding the technical responsibility on EIEL (Spanish acronym for "Enquiry on Local Infrastructures and Services") and on all of its derived projects. He is a member of, between other organisations, the Spanish Working Groups on the mentioned EIEL (GT EIEL) and on the Spanish Spatial Data Infrastructure (GT-IDEE).

Britt Inger Kolset
Coordinator - Regional ICT-program in the Kongsbergregion, Norway

Britt Inger Kolset is coordinator of a regional ICT-program in the Kongsbergregionen in Norway. The main goal of this ICT-program is to establish efficient and formalized ICT-collaboration between 7 municipalities in the region. She is also project leader of the Open Source project FriKomPort. This project was initiated and established by the municipalities in the Kongsbergregion in 2006 and the FriKomport solution is now used by more than 55 municipalities and 5 other organisations.

Dr. Herbert Gassner
Austrian Ministry of Justice - Eisenstadt, Austria

Dr. Herbert Gassner was born in 1955 in Eisenstadt, Austria, and is a senior judge by profession dealing with commercial law cases, especially trademark infringements. He has published and co-authored a series of books and scientific articles dealing with e-commerce systems and is heavily involved in promoting the migration from proprietary to free Linux-based solutions across Austria’s court system and public administration.

He got a solid professional training in EU law at the Secretariat General of the Council of Ministers in 1997 and has, since then, lectured on the increasing influence of decisions taken at EU level on the economies of the Member States.

Dr. Gassner is married and has two children.

Juan Conde
Junta de Andalucía - Spain

Juan Conde was born in Sevilla, Spain, in 1959. He started as a Chemist, and got his Ph.D. in 1985. He has been a University teacher for 5 years. In 1990 he moved to the Regional Government of Andalusía as an IT technician, performing different jobs (analysis, development, design, management, consulting, etc).

Since 2001 he has been working on the field of free open source software (development, usage, promotion, etc).

Jos Kruis
Member of Honour - TYPO3gem board, the Netherlands

Jos Kruis is the founding father of a community of 20 City’s (local government) in the Netherlands that have gathered around the open source CMS TYPO3. The community involves also company’s who support TYPO3. There is a Roadmap for the development of e-government functionality. They also have Guidelines to assure that TYPO3-additions are developed according to the spirit of open source software.

Alasdair Mangham
Alasdair MANGHAM
Head of Information Systems and Development - Camden Town, England

Alasdair Mangham has worked for London Borough of Camden ICT since October 2000 in a number of roles including programme and project managing a number of projects funded by the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister in the UK including the APLAWS open source project that produced an advanced content management system and was a finalist in the European E-government awards 2003. He has also worked on a number of EU funded projects both in a project management capacity and as an expert. He is currently responsible for the development of E-channels within the London Borough of Camden and is working on developing a service orientated architecture to underpin the Council's transformation programme Management of E-government change programmes, development of e-government applications, Management of European Projects. Expertise in Content Managements, Customer Relationship Management systems, electronic casework, e-channels, Service Orientated Architecture. Open Source.