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Open World Forum – PARIS - 2nd October

The Power of Communities

European Public Administrations invest in Open Source Communities: how and why? From multi-stakeholder management to expected outcomes, the IDABC Open Source Event 2009 highlights these key aspects of FLOSS sustainability and presents seven practical cases, closing with a panel discussion. The keynote of the day focuses on the economical aspects of sustainability.

9.00 h         Open World Forum Keynote address : FLOSS Policies, what will be the economic and social impact?

10.30 h       Break - Floss Showcase - Registration

11.00 h       Welcome: Karel De Vriendt, IDABC Head of Unit, European Commission

11.10 h       Keynote: "A vision for sustainability of FLOSS - the importance of communities” François Elie France – Chairman of Adullact – recently published a book presenting his vision on the sustainability of FLOSS, “The Economy of Free Software”. His key phrases: “A software is free once it has been paid”, “Public money should pay only once”.

11.30 h       "CommunesPlone – engaging Public Administration in community management activities" Joel Lambillotte, IT manager, Sambreville, Belgium

11.50 h       "The SIGNERGIAS Network, an initiative to coordinate Spanish Public Administration led GIS projects" Pedro A. González Pérez, gisEIEL project, Deputación da Coruña, Spain

12.10 h       "The FriKomPort Community enables sustainable collaboration in the scope of efficient course administration for municipalities " Britt Inger Kolset, Coordinator of a regional ICT-program in the Kongsbergregion, Norway

12.30 h       - Lunch -

13.50 h       "Involvement of IT-savvy Eisenstadt Court personnel in OS communities - investment and expected results” Dr Herbert Grassner, Austrian Ministry of Justice, Eisenstadt, Austria

14.10 h       "Guadalinex: Junta de Andalucia interacting with the OS communities" Juan Conde, Junta de Andalucia, Spain

14.30 h       "Creating and managing the TYPO3gem community" Jos Kruis, Member of Honour of TYPO3gem board, Netherlands

14.50 h       "Developing Communities" Alasdair Mangham, Head of Information Systems and Development, Camden Town, England

15.10 h       - Coffee break and networking –

15.30 h       Panel discussion: "Active involvement of public administrations in Open Source communities, how to make this work?" Presenters of the day.

15.50 h       Wrap up: Karel De Vriendt, IDABC Head of Unit, European Commission

16.00 h       Open World Forum Conclusion

17.00 h       - End -

Download IDABC OSOR event 2009 Agenda
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