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Documentation - IDABC EUPL Conference - Brussels

You can download hereunder the individual speakers presentations at the IDABC EUPL Conference in Brussels:


 Legal context and milestones of the elaboration of the EUPL, consideration of internal and community law (Séverine Dusollier, CRID)
EnglishOpenDocument Presentation[51 Kb]
EnglishOpenDocument Presentation[159 Kb]
 Facilitating collaboration in eGovernment: The European Union Public Licence (Francisco García Morán - DIGIT)
EnglishOpenDocument Presentation[2662 Kb]
EnglishOpenDocument Presentation[157 Kb]
 The key features of the EUPL v1.0 & considerations on its possible evolutions (Philippe Laurent - CRID)
EnglishOpenDocument Presentation[286 Kb]
EnglishOpenDocument Presentation[792 Kb]
 The European Union Public Licence, Translations and Quality control (Patrice-Emmanuel Schmitz - Unisys)
EnglishOpenDocument Presentation[535 Kb]
EnglishOpenDocument Presentation[126 Kb]