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IDABC Workshop on the EUPL in Brussels - Documentation available

One year European Union Public Licence (EUPL v.1.0)
Upon invitation of the IDABC Programme, legal experts and OSS practitioners from across Europe have met on 25 January 2008 in Brussels to discuss their experiences with the EUPL.
The Licence was created by the European Commission to release software as Open Source and is already available in all official EU languages on the EUPL web page.

After two years of studies and consultations, the European Union Public Licence was approved on 9 January 2007 by the European Commission, as an Open Source licence to be used for the distribution of software developed in the framework of the IDABC programme. Initial versions were released in English, French, and German.

One year after the approval of the EUPL in these three versions, the European Commission validated the licence in all the official languages of the European Union.

More than fifty lawyers and other legal experts from most Member States have in the meantime been involved in the legal quality verification of the various linguistic versions of the licence.

The one-day event has been the first occasion for all participants in the EUPL project to meet in person and discuss various legal issues related to the first European open source licence.

Legal context and milestones of the EUPL project, results of the EUPL translation quality verification project, compatibility questions - including views on GPL V3 and the use of the EUPL in a national context, have been some of the main issues discussed.


Documentation of the Workshop is now available:

Download the Agenda of the IDABC Workshop on the EUPL:
EnglishPDF[50 Kb]

Download the Attendants List of the IDABC Workshop on the EUPL:
EnglishPDF[493 Kb]