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CEN/ISSS (Information Society Standardisation System) was created in mid-1997 by CEN (European Committee for Standardisation) as the focus for its ICT (Information and Communications Technologies) standards activities.

In addition to formal CEN Technical Committees, CEN/ISSS provides a less formal environment through CEN/ISSS Workshops. These offer the opportunity for direct participation in the Standardisation process. The workshops are open to all interested parties, including vendors, service providers, regulators, users and consumer groups.

CEN/ISSS Workshops aim to arrive at a European consensus on an issue that can be published as a CEN Workshop Agreement (CWA). These deliverables may take the form of best practice agreements, codes of conduct or pre-standards, with the formal backing of CEN.

The CEN/ISSS CWAs are freely available on the web, but due to legal restrictions it is not possible to include them in this CD. A summary of some of the most relevant documents regarding to eInvoices follows:

  • CWA 15575 -The list of invoice content details identified in the directive 2001/115/EC expressed as UN/CEFACT Core Components.

  • CWA 15576 - Recommendation to allow coded identifiers as an alternative to the current unstructured clear text identifications.

  • CWA 15577 - A standardised set of codes with definitions to replace plain text clauses in eInvoice messages for VAT exemptions.

  • CWA 15578 - Survey of VAT Data Element usage in the Member States and the use of codes for VAT Exemptions (containing Annex 1 & 2).

  • Annex 3 to CWA 15578

  • Annex 4 to CWA 15578

  • CWA 15579 - E-invoices and digital signatures.

  • CWA 15580 - Storage of Electronic Invoices.

  • CWA 15581 - Guidelines for eInvoicing Service Providers.

  • CWA 15582 - eInvoice Reference Model for EU VAT purposes specification.