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eProcurement news & good practice

The eProcurement Forum at is an initiative to help all the eProcurement practitioners to meet and share their experiences and knowledge, to ask and provide support. The target community are professionals from European administrations, private organisations, academia and research centres. The eProcurement Forum is an open space to express opinions and exchange. It is not intended to provide official Commission information.

Also at, you can find news, events, practical cases and general documentation regarding eProcurment and other European eGovernment issues in Europe.
Articles, speeches & publications

Speech by Vice-President Siim Kallas, "The challenge of e-Signatures for e-Procurement" - September 2008
EnglishPDF[17 Kb]

Presentation of the e-Invoicing and e-Ordering project for public procurement - July 2008
EnglishPDF[1135 Kb]

Special Issue of ASTIC Boletic on eProcurement - October 2007
EnglishPDF[162 Kb]

More Information on the Special Issue of ASTIC Boletic on eProcurement

European eProcurement overview (Lecture at Bilbao international conference on 6 June 2006) - June 2006
EnglishPDF[65 Kb]
CastellanoPDF[59 Kb]

Special issue of Synergy on eProcurement - April 2006
EnglishPDF[696 Kb]

Les contributions d’IDA à la mise en oeuvre de la dématérialisation en Europe - Interview of S. Novaretti in "Contrats Publics" - Mai 2004
Fran&çaisPDF[186 Kb]

The eProcurement leaflet 2007
EnglishPDF[187 Kb]
IDA eProcurement Workshop May 2004: