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Presentations - IDABC ODEF Workshop - February 28, 2007

You can download hereunder the individual speakers’ presentations:

Download the presentations:
 Conclusions Summary of the IDABC ODEF Workshop 2007
EnglishPDF[153 Kb]
 PEGSCO recommendations (Karel De Vriendt - European Commission)
EnglishPDF[57 Kb]
 OpenDocument Format - Interoperability, Innovation (Douglas Heintzman - Director of Strategy, IBM SWG)
EnglishPDF[508 Kb]
 Migrating a Ministry to (Martti Karjalainen - Ministry of Justice, Finland)
EnglishPDF[308 Kb]
 PDF/A and PDF ODEF for non-revisable documents (James C. King - Adobe Systems Incorporated)
EnglishPDF[828 Kb]
 Improving Accessibility in ODEF (Peter Korn - Sun Microsystems Inc)
EnglishPDF[485 Kb]
 CIS standardization in the French ministry of the defense and Open Document Format (Thierry Leblond - Ministry of Defense, France)
EnglishPDF[582 Kb]
 ECMA-376 Office Open XML Open Formats and Standardization (Jean Paoli - Microsoft Corporation)
EnglishPPT[1164 Kb]
 The German Embassy Network (Rolf Theodor Schuster - German Federal Foreign Office)
EnglishPDF[130 Kb]
 Technical aspects of standards (Peter Strickx – Fedict)
EnglishPDF[657 Kb]
 Open Document Exchange Formats for the Federal Administration (Dr. Joachim Sturm - Federal Government Co-ordination and Advisory Agency for IT in the Federal Administration)
EnglishPDF[158 Kb]
You can download hereunder the concluions of the Parallel Sessions - IDABC ODEF Workshop:

Download here the conclusions:
 Workshop 1 - The current ODEF standardisation efforts: Conclusions for administrations
EnglishPDF[399 Kb]
 Workshop 2 – Requirements to be met by ODEF standards
EnglishPDF[314 Kb]
 Workshop 3 - The current ODEF standardisation efforts: Expectations towards industry players
EnglishPDF[218 Kb]
 Workshop 4 - How do we get from standards to interoperability? (conformance testing etc.)
EnglishPDF[271 Kb]