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IDA II Decisions (1719/1999/EC & 1720/1999/EC)


The European Council and Parliament adopted the second phase of the Interchange of Data between Administrations Programme on 12 July 1999 in two Council Decisions published in the Official Journal of the European Communities on 3 August 1999.

The priorities for IDA II have been primarily set under two distinct decisions:

The Guidelines decision (No 1719/1999/EC) identifies a series of priority areas in which IDA should support sectoral networks, while establishing general guidelines. It prioritises projects that enhance the economic viability of public administrations, European Community institutions, Member States and the regions. Projects should directly contribute to Community policies such as the four freedoms, the EMU and enlargement, and provide benefits to the citizens of Europe.

The Interoperability Decision (No 1720/1999/EC) focuses on providing services that will achieve a high degree of interoperability between the networks of national and European administrative bodies, and the public sector, and converging these networks towards a common telematic interface between the Community and the Member States. The operation and implementation of these networks should be streamlined and enhanced, to the benefit of the Member States, industry and citizens.

The IDA legal basis provides a flexible framework for building on the achievements of the first phase of the Programme and for responding quickly to new political and technical challenges.
In this context, both decisions
were amended on 21 October 2002 (Decision No 2046/2002/EC for the Guidelines decision and Decision No 2045/2002/EC for the Interoperability decision) , in order to adapt the IDA II programme to the following requirements:

  • changes in legal and political obligations, such as the  adaptation of the committee procedure and the extension of the programme to Malta and Turkey,
  • integration of new initiatives, notably the e-Europe action plan,
  • improvement of practical conditions.

A consolidated version of the IDA II programme decisions (integrating all amendments) can be downloaded from this page in PDF format.
NB: while this is an official document, it is not legally binding.

  • Consolidated version the of the IDA Guidelines decision (No 1719/1999/EC) 
    DA, DE, EL, EN, ES, FI, FR, IT, NL, PT, SV
  • Consolidated version the of the  IDA  Interoperability decision (No 1720/1999/EC)
    DA, DE, EL, EN, ES, FI, FR, ITNL, PT, SV