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Guidelines and functional requirements

Last update: November 2009

e-Catalogue Feasibility Study - October 2009

The e-Catalogue Feasibility Study is the first formal deliverable of the e-Catalogue project that is part of the European Commission's e-Invoicing and e-Ordering pilot project, funded by the IDABC programme.

Download the e-Catalogue Feasibility Study
 e-Catalogue Feasibility Study
EnglishPDF[2803 Kb]

Analysis of Business Requirements for eInvoicing in a Public Procurement Context - March 2009 (EN)

The report "Analysis of Business Requirements for eInvoicing in a Public Procurement Context" is one of the deliverables of the IDABC eInvoicing & eOrdering pilot project and a joint initiative from the Directorate-General Internal Market and Services and the Directorate-General for Informatics of the European Commission.

This report contains the results of the business requirements gathering process for eInvoicing in a public procurement context, by collecting and analysing requirements from multiple sources:

  • Interviews with Member States having already implemented eInvoicing and eArchiving
  • Interviews with stakeholders, such as small, medium and large suppliers, solution (IT and financial) providers
  • Legal requirements for eInvoicing and eArchiving (mainly VAT) 
  • Other eInvoicing and standardisation initiatives
  • The results of the individual work packages are described in the final study, but the final result is the requirements catalogue.

Download the business requirements
 Final study eInvoicing Business Requirements v1.1
EnglishPDF[2603 Kb]

eCatalogues in eProcurement - December 2007

The report complement the functional requirements for eProcurement (see below) for carrying out electronic public procurement under the EU legislative framework.


The report is structured in three volumes: 

  • State of Play (SoP): discusses different eCatalogue concepts and examines Member States current practice
  • Standardisation Activities (SIR): reviews standardisation activities for eCatalogues and product description/classifications
  • Functional Requirements (FReq): presents preliminary legal and functional requirements for eCatalogues to form initial offers in a public procurement procedure.      

Download the functional requirements:


Executive Summary
EnglishPDF[97 Kb]

State of Play (SoP)
EnglishPDF[1033 Kb]

Standardisation Activities (SIR)
EnglishPDF[1540 Kb]

Functional Requirements (FReq)
EnglishPDF[1147 Kb]

Functional requirements for eProcurement under the EU framework - January 2005 (EN)

The report provides functional requirements for carrying out electronic public procurement under the EU legislative framework. Additionally, it provides technical solutions enriched with practices stemming from the analysis conducted in European countries and abroad.

The report is structured in two volumes:

  • Volume I: description and activity flows for eProcurement procedures, functional requirements, technical specifications and open issues
  • Volume II: in-depth technical analysis and scenarios to experiment with the dynamic demonstrators and further understand the concepts described

Download the functional requirements
 Functional requirements for eProcurement – Volume I, main requirements (PDF)
EnglishPDF[724 Kb]
 Functional requirements for eProcurement – Volume II, additional details (PDF)
EnglishPDF[331 Kb]
 Zusammenfassung der Studie (PDF)
DeutschPDF[37 Kb]
 Resumen del estudio (PDF)
CastellanoPDF[34 Kb]
 Résumé de l'étude (PDF)
Fran&çaisPDF[34 Kb]
 Sommario dello studio (PDF)
ItalianoPDF[33 Kb]

XML schemas initiative - January 2005 (EN)

The eProcurement XML schemas initiative aims at proposing a set of generic XML schemas to support the automation of data exchanges in the different phases of electronic public procurement.

The analysis describes eOrdering, eInvoicing, eTendering and eAwarding data models.

The XML schemas themselves and a simple Java application for limited validation purposes are also available.

Download the data models R0.3
 e-Ordering and e-Invoicing data models - (PDF)
EnglishPDF[1005 Kb]
 e-Tendering and e-Awarding data models - (PDF)
EnglishPDF[687 Kb]
 European contribution to UBL - (PDF)
EnglishPDF[1589 Kb]
 eProcurement XML schemas - (zipped XSD)
EnglishZIP[75 Kb]
 schemas validation tool - (zipped JSP)
EnglishZIP[953 Kb]
 Installation Instructions & User Manual - (PDF)
EnglishPDF[327 Kb]


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