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eProcurement background studies


The eProcurement map
Electronic provision of certificates and attestations
State of the art report 
Generalisation study
Trans-border barriers study

The eProcurement Map: A summary of activities having an impact on the development of European Interoperable eProcurement solutions - December 2008 (EN) 

This document summarises key projects and initiatives in eProcurement in Europe tackling the modernisation of public procurement. 

The expected effect is to make all the eProcurement stakeholders aware about what is happening in the European scenario and provide a tool for easy identify " who is doing what".

Download the eProcurement Map
 eProcurement map (PDF, January 2009)
EnglishPDF[262 Kb]

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Preliminary Study on the electronic provision of certificates and attestations usually required in public procurement procedures - September 2008 (EN)

The preliminary study on the electronic provision of certificates and attestations in public procurement procedures aims to examine how different European countries (EU, candidate countries and EEA) currently manage the use of certificates and attestations in procurement procedures, particularly in an eProcurement context.

The goal of the study is to identify if and how electronic certificates and attestations are currently issued, accepted and validated in public procurement procedures across these countries, and if and how their eProcurement systems could be modified or amended to support non-national electronic certificates and attestations, thus facilitating cross border economic activities in these countries and contributing to the creation of an internal market for electronic procurements.

Download the study
 Preliminary Study on the electronic provision of certificates and attestations usually required in public procurement procedures (PDF)
EnglishPDF[3665 Kb]

Download the National Country Profiles
 National Country Profiles (PDF, September 2007)
EnglishPDF[2279 Kb]

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State of the art report (case studies on European electronic public procurement projects) - July 2004 (EN)

The report analyses existing initiatives in Europe, in order to assess the state of the art in electronic public procurement. It presents the status of eProcurement and deduces practices from reviewed systems across Europe.

Download the State of the Art report
 State of the Art report – Volume I, Results of the analysis (PDF)
EnglishPDF[499 Kb]
 State of the Art report – Volume II, Background information (PDF)
EnglishPDF[516 Kb]
 Zusammenfassung der Studie (PDF)
DeutschPDF[34 Kb]
 Resumen del estudio (PDF)
CastellanoPDF[44 Kb]
 Résumé de l'étude (PDF)
Fran&çaisPDF[41 Kb]
 Sommario dello studio (PDF)
ItalianoPDF[41 Kb]

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Generalisation study - September 2003 (EN)

The feasibility study considered the possibility to generalise existing solutions on the basis of non-discriminatory, generally available and commonplace tools.

Download the study
 eProcurement generalisation Feasibility Study - (PDF)
EnglishPDF[1019 Kb]

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Trans-border barriers study - August 2002 (EN)

The objective of the study was to identify actions which would enable interoperability in trans-border eProcurement ('enablers' or 'e-passports') and to avoid existing e-borders or the creation of new ones.

Download the study
 Study on trans-border barriers and enablers - (PDF)
EnglishPDF[3281 Kb]

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