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Documentation on MIReG


This page gathers all available information regarding the programme’s activities related to Management Information Resources for eGovernment.


Supporting documentation
MIReG metadata model
MIReG final application tool
Work programmes


Supporting documentation (EN)

These files contain the supporting documentation related to MIReG.

Download the supporting documentation
 Documentation - (zip. file)
EnglishZIP[4204 Kb]

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MIReG metadata model (EN)

MIReG metadata model. zip contains the model defined by the project.

Download the MIReG metadata model
 MIReG Metadata Model - (zip. file)
EnglishZIP[2365 Kb]

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MIReG final application tool (EN)

MIReG final application tool. zip contains the final application that allows the user to play with the model.

Download the MIReG final application tool
EnglishZIP[76755 Kb]
The European Commission  provides access to the above files to inform the specialised users who might be interested by the results of this project.
While it is our goal to minimize disruption caused by technical errors, we cannot guarantee that  these files are error-free or that their use will not be interrupted or otherwise affected. The Commission accepts no responsibility with regard to problems incurred as a result of using these files, applications, or any linked external sites.

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IDA Work programmes (EN)

IDA Work programmes

For further information on
MIReG, visit the 'MIReG' fact sheet.