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This page gathers all available information regarding the  programme’s activities related to eLink.

eLink specification
eLink license agreement

Requirements for eLink

Work programmes

 eLink specification – November 2004 (EN)

The eLink specification addresses all functional and interfacing attributes of eLink. The IDA eLink specification can be freely downloaded in PDF. Licensees can download the IDA eLink toolkit here (restricted access).

Download the eLink specification
 eLink Specification - second release (PDF)
EnglishPDF[793 Kb]

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License agreement on IDA eLink  – December 2004 (EN)

This is the complete text of the License agreement by the European Commission to grant the right to use the IDA eLink software to other European Institutions and European Bodies, as well as to European national administrations (member states, candidate countries to which the IDA programme is open to participation, and EEA countries).

Download the eLink license agreement
 License agreement on IDA eLink - v1.1 (PDF)
EnglishPDF[27 Kb]

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Requirements for eLink – October 2003 (EN)

This document summarises the requirements set for eLink following the guidelines for the European Commission and the EU member states.

Download the requirements
 IDA eLink Requirements - (PDF)
EnglishPDF[303 Kb]

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Articles (EN)

IDA eLink: a middleware solution for pan-European e-government (IDA Report 23 - September 2004)
EIF and IDA eLink: advancing e-Government interoperability at pan-European level (IDA Report 21 - March 2004)
IDA-eLink pilot project: contributing to modern online public services (IDA Report 17 - March 2003)

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Publications (EN)

eLink fact sheet (PDF) - (February 2005)

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IDA Work programmes (EN)

IDA Work programmes

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