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Software demonstrators for eProcurement

Last update: September 2009 

The objective of the software demonstrators is to help software editors and contracting authorities in Europe to develop eProcurement systems in line with the EU legislative framework. The demonstrators simulate the application of the Functional Requirements for carrying out electronic public procurement under the EU legislative framework. The software demonstrators are fully open source subjected to the EUPL licence.

The following versions of the eProcurement learning demonstrators are available:

  • Dynamic version: software application supporting both HSQLDB and My SQL databases
  • Static version: web pages with fixed scenarios in a form of screenshots.

Frequently asked questions

Ownership, use, license, open source model, and many other aspects are explained in the FAQ page.

Download the supporting documents for the demonstrators
 User manual - (PDF)
EnglishPDF[13080 Kb]
 Installation manual - (PDF)
EnglishPDF[1864 Kb]
 Physical database description - (PDF)
EnglishPDF[485 Kb]
 Translation guide to localise the demonstrators in your language - (PDF)
EnglishPDF[163 Kb]

Download the demonstrators
 Static demonstrators (ZIP)
EnglishZIP[5077 Kb]
  Javadoc (ZIP)
EnglishZIP[1449 Kb]
 Dynamic demonstrators (ZIP)
EnglishGZIP[325 Kb]
 Source Code (ZIP)
EnglishGZIP[325 Kb]