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Documentation on Bridge/Gateway CA (BGCA)

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    This page gathers the studies related to 'BGCA' which were initiated in 2002 within the framework of the IDA II Programme, and which were completed during the IDABC Programme in 2005.

BGCA Pilot Final Recommendations - 2005 (EN)
The final recommendations of the BGCA Pilot project contain:
- the BGCA Certification Practise Statement
- the Recommendations for a Certificate Policy and a Trust Matrix
- the Recommendations for the extension of the model to businesses and citizens
- the Recommendations for the creation and verification of signatures

Download BGCA Pilot Final Recommendations
 Certification Practice Statements v2 0.pdf
EnglishPDF[3610 Kb]
 Recommendations V2 0.pdf
EnglishPDF[538 Kb]
 Recommendations for extensions towards businesses and citizens v2 0.pdf
EnglishPDF[617 Kb]
 Recommendations for creation and verification of signatures v2 0.pdf
EnglishPDF[795 Kb]

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BGCA Pilot Test Results – 2005 (EN)

The results of the BGCA Pilot project contain :
- the BGCA Pilot Technical Description 
- the Pilot Testing Guide
- the Pilot Platform User Manual
- the BGCA Pilot Test Results

Download BGCA Pilot Test Results
 Technical Description platform_v1 0.pdf
EnglishPDF[469 Kb]
 Testing Guide.pdf
EnglishPDF[1396 Kb]
  Pilot Platform_User_Manual.pdf
EnglishPDF[2428 Kb]
 Final Test Report v1 0.pdf
EnglishPDF[1602 Kb]

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Trust List Usage Recommendations for European IDA BGCA Pilot for Public Administrations - 2004 (EN)

The report defines recommendations for the usage of Trust Lists within the European BGCA Pilot project. These recommendations are based on ‘use cases’ that represent the most common cases expected to happen during the operation of the BGCA.

Download the Trust List Usage Recommendations
 Trust List Usage Recommendations for Bridge CA (PDF)
EnglishPDF[1133 Kb]

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Technical Architecture for the BGCA Pilot - 2004 (EN)

This document describes the architecture and provides the technical details of the BGCA Pilot.

Download the Technical Architecture
 BGCA pilot - Technical architecture (PDF)
EnglishPDF[732 Kb]

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Test Programme for the BGCA Pilot - 2004 (EN)

This document explains the test programme to be executed within the framework of the BGCA Pilot.

Download the test programme
 BGCA pilot - Test programme (PDF)
EnglishPDF[308 Kb]

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A bridge CA for Europe's Public Administrations - Feasibility study - July 2002 (EN) 

The feasibility study examined the policy, organisational and technical issues for the establishment of an intermediate trust infrastructure between the CAs used by the Member States' public administrations.  It also addressed the main policy and liability issues, the equivalence of certificate policies, provided model technical architectures and discussed the organisation and governance of the bridge CA, as well as the requirements for interoperability.

Download the Feasibility study
 A Bridge CA for EU public administrations - Feasibility study (PDF)
EnglishPDF[5463 Kb]

Work programmes

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For further information on IDA activities in the field of certification authority, visit the 'Bridge/Gateway CA' fact sheet.