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Documentation on Multi-channel delivery of Public Services

Multi-Channel Fact sheet
    IDA Study on Multi-channel delivery of Public Services

Final Report of the Multi-channel delivery of e-government services - June 2004 (EN)

Analyses the impact of multi-channel delivery mechanisms from users and providers perspective and offers orientations to help public administrations to take decisions on which are the most appropriate channels to provide their services.

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 Multi-channel delivery of Public Services
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Articles (EN)

IDA releases study on multi-channel delivery of e-Government services - IDA Report 23 - September 2004
IDA to assess multi-channel delivery of e-government services - IDA Report 20 - December 2003

IDA Work programmes (EN)

The HAM work programme 2004 - PDF (p.12)
The HAM work programme 2003 - PDF (p.15)



For further information on activities in the field of multi-channel delivery, visit the 'Multi-channel Delivery' fact sheet.