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Documentation on Open Source Software (OSS)

Open Source Observatory
    This page gathers the studies in the field of OSS, some of which were completed under the aegis of the programme's Horizontal Measures since 2001.



OSOR Global Implementation Plan (GIP)

Download the OSOR GIP
EnglishPDF[176 Kb]
IDA II Advice - 2005

Download the series of short studies focused on practical advice for collaboration
 Partnering with Public Administrations: A short guide for OSS developers
EnglishPDF[113 Kb]
 Partnering with Open Source Developers: Guideline for public administrations
EnglishPDF[453 Kb]
 Patents and open source software: Basic information for public administrations
EnglishPDF[86 Kb]

The IDA Open Source Migration Guidelines - November 2003 (EN, ES, FR) 

These guidelines have been designed to help public administrators decide whether a migration to OSS should be undertaken and describe, in broad technical terms, how such a migration could be carried out. They are based on practical experience of a limited number of publicly available case studies, and cover a wide range of management and technical concerns.

Download the Guidelines
 IDA Open Source Migration Guidelines (PDF)
EnglishPDF[828 Kb]
 IDA Open Source Migration Guidelines ( format)
EnglishEXE[206 Kb]
 Guide IDA de migration vers l'Open Source (PDF)
Fran&çaisPDF[507 Kb]
 Guide IDA de migration vers l'Open Source ( format)
Fran&çaisEXE[151 Kb]
 Directrices IDA de migración a software de fuentes abiertas ( format)
Castellano[395 Kb]
 Directrices IDA de migración a software de fuentes abiertas (PDF)
CastellanoPDF[1144 Kb]

Comparative Spreadsheet and the relevant Explanatory Notes (EN)
 Comparison Spreadsheet (Microsoft Excel format )
EnglishXLS[130 Kb]
  Comparison Spreadsheet ( format)
EnglishEXE[37 Kb]
 Explanatory Notes (PDF)
EnglishPDF[46 Kb]

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Pooling Open Source Software (POSS) Feasibility Study - June 2002 (EN, ES, FR, IT)

IDA has released the results of an independent study on promoting the re-use of software owned by public administrations. The study recommended the creation of a software clearing house to which administrations can "donate" software. This facility, which would concentrate on applications specific for the needs of the public sector, could encourage the replication of good practice in e-government services.

Download the Feasibility Study
 Compartir Software de código abierto (PDF)
CastellanoPDF[287 Kb]
 Pooling open source software - Annexes (PDF)
EnglishPDF[148 Kb]
 Pooling von Open-Source-Software (PDF)
DeutschPDF[288 Kb]
 Mise en commun des logiciels libres (PDF)
Fran&çaisPDF[281 Kb]
 Pooling open source software (PDF)
EnglishPDF[2998 Kb]
 Condivisione di software a codice sorgente aperto (PDF)
ItalianoPDF[283 Kb]

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Study into the use of OSS in the public sector - June 2001 (EN)

The 'Study into the Use of Open Source Software in the Public Sector' was conducted by Unisys Belgium following a call for tender issued in the frame of the IDA Programme. This study entails three components:

  • The OSS fact sheet  gives an overview of the situation in the spring of 2001 and an assessment of availability and potential use of OSS based solutions, by software category, as well as  a selection of about 100 typical OSS solutions;
  • The second part of the study focuses on OSS usage and experience made in six European countries (Belgium, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Sweden) and in the European Union administration;
  • The third part gives an overview of the OSS market structure, with opportunities and issues related to the use of OSS solutions.

Download the Study
 1. Study into the use of OSS in the Public Sector - OSS Fact sheet (PDF)
EnglishPDF[3066 Kb]
 2. Study into the use of OSS in the Public Sector - Use of Open Source in Europe (PDF)
EnglishPDF[831 Kb]
 3. Study into the use of OSS in the Public Sector - The Open Source Market Structure (PDF)
EnglishPDF[681 Kb]
 4. Study into the use of OSS in the Public Sector - Annex: OSS alphabetical list and software identification (PDF)
EnglishPDF[762 Kb]

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Articles (EN)

IDA issues Open Source Migration Guidelines - IDA Report 20 - December 2003
Policy makers meet to propose actions to improve software use - IDA Report 16 - December 2002

IDA Work programmes (EN)

Migration Guidelines
The HAM work programme 2004 - PDF (p.79)
The HAM work programme 2003 - PDF (p.53)

OS Observatory & Pooling Open Source Software
IDA Work Programmes

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For further information on the activities in the field of Open Source Software, visit the 'OSS' fact sheet.