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IDA Work Programmes


This page gathers the various annual work programmes approved under the IDA programme. Each work programme contains a section for the projects of common interest and another section for the horizontal measures. It describes for each Project of Common Interest (PCI) and Horizontal Measure (HM):

  • the objectives, scope, rationale, potential beneficiaries, functionalities and technical approach,
  • a breakdown of past expenditure and milestones reached, as well as the costs and benefits anticipated, and the milestones to be reached.

Certain PCIs and HMs may continue through several programme phases and work programmes, as they evolve from feasibility to post-implementation. Certain projects and measures initiated under IDA II will therefore continue under the IDABC Programme.

The 2004 Work Programme
 The PCI work programme 2004 - PDF
EnglishPDF[485 Kb]
 The HAM work programme 2004 - PDF
EnglishPDF[196 Kb]
 IDA work programme 2004 - Budget breakdown - PDF
EnglishPDF[16 Kb]
 Revised work programme 2004 (PDF)
EnglishPDF[798 Kb]

The 2003 Work Programme
 The PCI work programme 2003 - PDF
EnglishPDF[436 Kb]
 The HAM work programme 2003 - PDF
EnglishPDF[192 Kb]

The 2002 Work Programme
 The PCI work programme 2002 - PDF
EnglishPDF[326 Kb]
 The HAM work programme 2002 - PDF
EnglishPDF[182 Kb]

The 2001 Work Programme
 The PCI work programme 2001 - PDF
EnglishPDF[512 Kb]
 The HAM work programme 2001 - PDF
EnglishPDF[492 Kb]

The 2000 Work Programme
 The PCI work programme 2000 - PDF
EnglishPDF[269 Kb]
 The HAM work programme 2000 - PDF
EnglishPDF[109 Kb]