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Linking-up Europe (DE, EN, FR)

"Linking-up Europe"
    The European Commission working document ‘Linking-up Europe: the importance of interoperability for e-government services’ was launched at the Ministerial Conference on eGovernment co-organised by Italian Presidency of the European Council and the Commission.


Download the PDF version of the Commission Working Paper:
 Linking-up Europe (243 kB)
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 Linking-up Europe (232 kB)
DeutschPDF[231 Kb]
 Linking-up Europe (225 kB)
Fran&çaisPDF[224 Kb]

The purpose of the working paper is to obtain acceptance from key decision and policy makers in Europe on the need for interoperability both within and between administrations and with the enterprise sector.  It seeks to obtain the necessary commitments for this to happen at all levels (i.e. European, national, regional and local) and to ensure that any consequential adjustments of European or national policies occur.

As Europe's citizens move between Member States and enterprises trade across Europe's borders they need to transact business Europe's public administrations.  Increasingly these transactions will be carried out electronically. They may well need to interact with public administration IT systems in other Member States the same way as national public administration bodies must co-operate in the provision of e-government services at the national level.

The working paper deals with these issues, and focuses on what is required to ensure that the back-office system of Europe's public administrations are sufficiently interoperable to allow seamless pan-European e-government services to be developed.

On this issue see also see the article on "Interoperability Matters", by Manuela Finetti, former Head of the IDA Unit.