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IDABC logo CIOs and national representatives from 24 countries, meeting on June 26 at the 3rd European CIO under the chairmanship of Mr. García Morán, agreed on 3 priority clusters and two accompanying measures with their related objectives in order to further develop the European Interoperability Strategy.

Mr Strotmann from Vice President Kallas cabinet stressed during his keynote that Interoperability is an extremely important issue and concerns many areas; he encouraged CIOs continue the common efforts and he underlined that the EIS will be serving as an essential input for the ISA programme. He confirmed that VP Kallas fully supports the elaboration of the EIS and the ISA programme.

  EIS - European Interoperability Strategy
  Photo gallery – 3rd European CIO meeting
  Presentations – 3rd European CIO meeting
  Agenda – 3rd European CIO meeting
  Conclusions - 3rd CIO European meeting