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Horizontal Measures (HMs) develop technical specifications, standards as well as infrastructure components in order to ensure efficient cross-border service delivery.

The IDABC Work Programme distinguishes six blocks of Horizontal Measures, grouped by objective:

Horizontal Pan-European eGovernment Services (PEGS)
Cover three horizontal services to businesses and citizens.
Basic infrastructures
Provide the basis for reliable information exchange between the public sector administrations: the building blocks of classical, clearly structured, communication architecture.
Security measures
Facilitate secure cross-border delivery of pan-European eGovernment services: address essential security requirements such as confidentiality, integrity and availability of information exchange.
Interoperability measures
Establish principles, provide guidelines and – increasingly – list specific technical solutions that improve cross border eGovernment.
Dissemination and spread of good practice measures
Aim at promoting and informing about IDABC activities and more general European eGovernment developments. They are designed to support the sharing of experience at the pan-European level as put forth in the i2010 eGovernment Action Plan.
Strategic and support activities
View to improve the execution of the IDABC Programme: ongoing quality management, assessments and evaluations of impact of specific projects and of the overall Programme.

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