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This archive section includes old IDA projects that are not in the current IDABC work programme.

Archive - Projects of Common Interest  
  ADNS: Animal Disease Notification System
  CAP-ED: Electronic Dictionary
  CARE: Community Road Accident Database
  CIRCA-IDES: Interactive Data Entry System
  DOCS: Communication and Management of Official Documents
  DSIS: Distributed Statistical Information Services
  EC-CHM: European Community Clearing-House Mechanism
  ECB-NET: European Chemicals Bureau Network
  ECHO 14 POINTS: Humanitarian Aid Reporting System for Member States
  EFSA-NET: European Foods Safety Authority Network
  EIONET: European Environmental Information and Observation Network (EEA)
  eSAFEGUARDS: On-line Nuclear Materials Accountancy Reporting and Evaluation System
  EUDRANET: European Telecommunication Network in Pharmaceuticals (EMEA)
  EUDRAVIGILANCE: Pharmacovigilance System (EMEA)
  EUlisses (formerly COWEBS): EU Links & Information on Social Security
  EUPHIN: European Union Public Health Information Network
  EURES: European Employment Services
  European Tourist Destinations Portal
  EUROPHYT: European Network of Plant Health Information Systems
  FADN-RICA: Farm Accounting Data Network
  FIDES: Fishery Data Exhange System
  IATE: Inter-Agency Terminology Exchange
  IMP: Information on Medicinal Products
  NF-NET: Novel Foods and Food Ingredients Network
  OFIS: Organic Farming Information System
  PHYSAN: Phyto-Sanitary Controls
  PROCIV-NET: Civil Protection and Environmental Emergencies European Network(s)
  REPORTNET: Streamlining European environmental reporting system
  RESPER: Réseau permis de conduire
  SAFESEANET: Safe Sea Network
  SERT STIPES: Statistiques d'entreprises et réseaux télématiques
  SIGL: Système Integré de Gestion des Licences à l'Exportation et à l'Importation (Integrated System for Managing Exports ad Import Licences)
  SOLVIT: Effective Problem Solving in the Internal Market
  SYSEX: Système Expert informatisé pour la reconnaissance des diplômes européens des professions de santé
  TACHONET: Telematics Network for the Exchange of Information Concerning the Issuing of Tachograph Cards
  TRIS: Technical Regulations Information System