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  Architecture Guidelines
  Assessment of ICT implications of EU legislation
  CAMSS: Common Assessment Method for Standards and Specifications
  Case Study in the Euregio: Reducing the administrative burden of mobility
  CIRCABC: Communication and Information Resource Centre for Administrations, Businesses and Citizens
  Common Identity Management Service (CIMS)
  Dissemination Activities
  eID Interoperability for PEGS
  EIF - European Interoperability Framework for pan-European eGovernment services
  EIIS - European Interoperability Infrastructure Services
  EIS - European Interoperability Strategy
  European Federated Validation Service
  European Union Public Licence (EUPL v.1.0)
  IDABC Certification Services (PKI, Time-stamping...)
  IDABC Security Instruments
  IPM: Interactive Policy Making
  Model Requirements for the Management of Electronic Records - MoReq2
  National Interoperability Frameworks Observatory – NIFO
  OSOR.EU: Open Source Observatory and Repository
  OSS: Open Source Software
  Preliminary study on mutual recognition of eSignatures for eGovernment applications
  Promotion of Open Document Exchange Format
  Quality management
  STESTA: Secure Trans European Services for Telematics between Administrations
  Strategic issues for the implementation of eGovernment services to Businesses (services sector)
  Study into the financing and management options for cross-border eGovernment
  Your Europe