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This section gives access to the PCIs in the current IDABC work programme sorted by alphabetical order. Old IDA projects that are not in the current IDABC work programme can be found from the Archives.

Projects of Common Interest:  
  Agricultural Market Information System (AMIS) Quota
  CAP-IDIM: Common Agricultural Policy - Improved Data & Indicators Management
  CPCS: Consumer Protection Cooperation System
  DOOR: Database of Origin and Registration
  EESSI (Electronic Exchange of Social Security Information)
  ESANReP: EU system for Epidemiological Surveillance, Alert Notifications and Response Preparation in the field of Human Health
  EUDAMED: European database for medical devices
  European Qualification Framework (EQF) webtool
  EVE: Espace virtuel d'echange
  HEALTH-EU: The Public Health Portal of the European Union
  IMI: Internal Market Information Systems
  LISFLOOD ALERT: On-line information system for early alert on floods
  PLOTEUS: A Portal on Learning Opportunities Throughout the European Space
  R&TTE 1-SN: Radio and telecommunications terminal equipment one-stop notification
  Rapid information exchange on counterfeiting and privacy
  SANREF: DG Sanco Reference Database system
  SESAD: Secure Exchange And Storage Of Agricultural Data
  State Aids Electronic Notifications
  TRACES: Trade Control and Expert System
  X-DIS – XML for Data Interoperability in Statistics