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Minutes of meetings

Including the weekly meetings of:

  • ECSC High Authority (1953-67)
  • EEC Commission (1958-67)
  • Euratom Commission (1958-67)
  • European Commission (since 1967)
  • Committee of Permanent Representatives (Coreper, 1958-77).

Minutes can be accessed in accordance with the 30-year rule in the reading room and online.

COM files

Collection of COM files produced by the Registry of the Executive Secretariat of the Commission of the European Economic Community from 1958 to 1967 and of the General Secretariat of the Commission of the European Communities from 1967 to 1986.

COM documents are most often legislative proposals, but they may also consist of reports, communications to the Council and/or other institutions, white or green papers, etc.

The COM file compiles the different versions of a text, allowing to follow its drafting process, as well as its different linguistic versions.


Speeches made since 1952 by presidents, commissioners, commission officials, members of the European parliament and other figures. The speeches can be consulted in the reading room.

For speeches pronounced since 1985, see the RAPID database and the Commissioners' websites.

Other document collections

The following documents are open to the public in our reading room:

  • Annual General Reports, which give an overall picture of EU activities:
  • ECSC (1952-67);
  • EEC (1958-67);
  • Euratom (1958-1967);
  • European Communities, later European Union (1967-2005).

Recent EU General Reports are available online.

  • Subject-specific annexes to the General Reports (social policy, agriculture, competition, etc.)
  • EU Bulletin, chronicling the main activities of the EU's various institutions (ECSC, EEC, Communities). Bulletins from after 1996 are available online.
  • Commission organisational charts and the official directory of the EU. See also the Commission directory.
  • Studies commissioned by the Commission and stored in the Historical Archives Service until 1st July 2012 (access on request only).