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The Tobacco Products Directive (2014/40/EU)pdf(2 MB) Choose translations of the previous link български (bg) čeština (cs) dansk (da) Deutsch (de) eesti keel (et) ελληνικά (el) español (es) français (fr) hrvatski (hr) italiano (it) latviešu valoda (lv) lietuvių kalba (lt) magyar (hu) Malti (mt) Nederlands (nl) polski (pl) português (pt) română (ro) slovenčina (sk) slovenščina (sl) suomi (fi) svenska (sv) , replacing  Directive (2001/37/EC), lays down rules governing the manufacture, presentation and sale of tobacco and related products. These include cigarettes, roll your own tobacco, pipe tobacco, cigars, cigarillos, smokeless tobacco, electronic cigarettes and herbal products for smoking.

In particular, the Directive:

  • prohibits cigarettes and roll-your-own tobacco with characterising flavours,
  • requires the tobacco industry to submit detailed reports to the Member States on the ingredients used in tobacco products, in particular cigarettes and roll-your-own tobacco,
  • requires that health warnings appear on packages of tobacco and related products. Combined (picture and text) health warnings must cover 65% of the front and back of cigarette and roll-your-own tobacco packages,
  • sets minimum dimensions for warnings and eliminates small packages for certain tobacco products,
  • bans all promotional and misleading elements on tobacco products,
  • introduces EU-wide tracking and tracing to combat illicit trade of tobacco products,
  • allows Member States to prohibit internet sales of tobacco and related products,
  • sets out safety and quality requirements for consumer electronic cigarettes, and
  • obliges manufacturers to notify novel tobacco products before placing them on the EU market.

Implementing the Tobacco Products Directive

The European Commission is currently working on developing more detailed rules in certain areas to assist Member States in implementing Directive 2014/40/EU.

Press material

Revising the Tobacco Products Directive

The new Directive is based on the Commission’s proposal for a revised Tobacco Products Directivepdf(279 KB) Choose translations of the previous link Deutsch (de) français (fr) .

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