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Novica (Tobak)

This section on health in the EU has been created as a trustworthy gateway to a wide range of information and data on health-related issues and activities at both European, national and international level. The content is produced by the European Commission, the Member States of the EU and the European Economic Area (EEA), plus EU candidate countries; by international organisations; and by pan-European non-governmental organisations in the area of public health.

Beneficial effects of nicotine, cotinine and its metabolites as potential agents for Parkinson's disease    epda.eu.com

The effect of nicotine and some of its derivatives on dopaminergic neurons viability, neuroinflammation, and motor and memory functions, have been investigated using cellular and rodent models of PD.[...]

Hypocritical spending: European Parliament again votes to continue subsidies for tobacco growing    epha.org

The European Parliament voted last week to once again prolong subsidies [...]

Research Headlines - New stent to help lung cancer victims breathe easier    europa.eu

Many lung cancer patients have trouble breathing - and if they can't be cured, the struggle for air can become a relentless ordeal. Pulmonary stents - tubes inserted in the lung - can help. EU-funded[...]

Call for proposals: 'Global Alliance for Chronic Diseases. Prevention and treatment of lung diseases'    europa.eu

Research Participant Portal is your entry point for electronic administration of EU-funded research and innovation projects[...]

AQW051, a novel and selective nicotinic acetylcholine receptor α7 partial agonist, reduces l-Dopa-induced dyskinesias ...    epda.eu.com

These data suggest that a history of smoking is associated with better olfaction among PD patients. The finding may be related to why smoking may be protective against PD. Further studies are needed [...]

[Press release] The European Parliament will not gain people's trust by continuing to contribute to the burden of chronic disease in the form of tobacco subsidies    epha.org

Brussels, 23 October 2014 - Among all the furore yesterday of the new Commission, the European Parliament also quietly voted against ending EU subsidies to tobacco crops (1). While on the one hand ma[...]

Parkinson disease and smoking revisited    epda.eu.com

Authors propose that ease of smoking cessation is an aspect of premanifest PD similar to olfactory dysfunction, REM sleep disorders, or constipation and suggests that the apparent neuroprotective eff[...]

Who is afraid of smoking bans? An evaluation of the effects of the Spanish clean air law on expenditure at hospitality venues    ensp.org

In January 2011 Spain modified clean air legislation in force since 2006, removing all existing exceptions applicable to hospitality venues. Although this legal reform was backed by all political par[...]

The α7 nicotinic receptor agonist ABT-107 decreases L-dopa-induced dyskinesias in parkinsonian monkeys    epda.eu.com

The present results suggest that drugs targeting either α7 or β2 nAChRs may be useful as antidyskinetic agents in Parkinson's disease.[...]

[Press release] France is on the right track in the fight against tobacco epidemic in Europe    epha.org

September 25 2014, Brussels - Today, the French government outlined new legislation (1) to introduce standardised packaging for cigarettes following Ireland (2) and the UK's recent initiatives (3). I[...]

Parkinson disease and smoking revisited    epda.eu.com

Authors propose that ease of smoking cessation is an aspect of premanifest PD similar to olfactory dysfunction, REM sleep disorders, or constipation and suggests that the apparent neuroprotective eff[...]

Achieving a tobacco free generation – “stopping them from starting”    who.int

Finland uses a range of legislative measures to end tobacco use. Its goal is to reduce the proportion of smokers in the adult population to or below 2% by 2040. Achieving a tobacco free generation is[...]

Analysis of Parkinson's disease brainderived DNA for alpha-synuclein coding somatic mutationst feelings about smoking    epda.eu.com

Conclusion: Using DNA predominantly from cerebellum, but also from frontal cortex and substantia nigra (n = 20 each), we have not detected any somatic coding SNCA point mutations.[...]

Gut feelings about smoking and coffee in Parkinson's disease    epda.eu.com

We propose an alternative third hypothesis, in which both cigarette and coffee consumption change the composition of the microbiota in the gut in a way that mitigates intestinal inflammation.[...]


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