Targeted stakeholder consultation on the implementation of an EU system for traceability and security features pursuant to Articles 15 and 16 of the Tobacco Products Directive 2014/40/EU

Targeted groups

Manufacturers of finished tobacco products, wholesalers and distributors of finished tobacco products, providers of solutions for operating traceability and security features systems and governmental and non-governmental organisations active in the area of tobacco control and fight against illicit trade.

Period for consultation

From 07 May 2015 to 31 July 2015. The consultation is now closed.

Objective of the consultation

The basis for the consultation was the Final Report to the European Commission’s Consumers, Health and Food Executive Agency (CHAFEA) in response to tender n° EAHC/2013/Health/11 concerning the provision of an analysis and feasibility assessment regarding EU systems for tracking and tracing of tobacco products and for security features (hereafter the Feasibility Study). The Feasibility Studypdf(9 MB) was published on 7 May 2015. The interested stakeholders were advised to review the Feasibility Study before responding to this consultation.

The comments received in the course of this consultation are an important input to the further implementation work on a future EU system for traceability and security features. In particular, the comments will be taken into account in a follow-up study.


Stakeholders were invited to submit their comments via the EU-survey questionnairepdf(97 KB).

Privacy Statement

Please consult the Privacy Statementpdf(18 KB)

Information on the outcome of the consultation

In reply to the consultation, 109 respondents decided to submit their comments with the help of the EU survey questionnaire. The respondents represent a broad spectrum of stakeholders. The table below shows the distribution of responses according to stakeholder's self-declared main activity. A complete overview of the quantitative results can be consulted herepdf(892 KB).

Question A.1. Stakeholder's main activity:Total
a) Manufacturer of tobacco products destined for consumers (finished tobacco products)25
b) Operator involved in the supply chain of finished tobacco products (excluding retail)19
c) Provider of solutions20
d) Governmental organisation12
e) NGO21
f) Other12
Grand Total109

In addition, one respondent sent its comments outside the EU survey.

Received submissions


2.Ministry of Finance; Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport (The Netherlands)pdf(190 KB)

3.FeTaDis vzw/asbl - Fédération des distributeurs de tabac - Belgiquepdf(578 KB)

4.Assens Tobaksfabrik Aktieselskabpdf(514 KB)

5.Tor Imports Ltdpdf(501 KB)

6.Republic of Croatia, Ministry of Finance, Customs Administrationpdf(348 KB)

7.Oettinger Davidoff Ltdpdf(2 MB)

8.Lekkerland AG & Co. KGpdf(1011 KB)

9.Intergraf a.i.s.b.l.pdf(344 KB)

10.House of Oliver Twist A/Spdf(2 MB)

11.Mac Baren Tobacco Company A/Spdf(801 KB)

12.Nightline Grouppdf(196 KB)

13.Fondation Cancerpdf(128 KB)

14.Consejo general de Dentistas de Españapdf(215 KB)

15.Lithuanian Tobacco and Alcohol Control Coalitionpdf(725 KB)

16.Naas Vending Services Naas Co. Kildare Republic of Irelandpdf(394 KB)

17.Comité Nacional para la Prevención del Tabaquismo (CNPT)pdf(459 KB)

18.DNF-Les Droits des Non-Fumeurs (Non Smokers’ Rights)pdf(632 KB)

19.EFA (European Federation of Allergy and Airways Diseases Patients' Associations)pdf(472 KB)

20.J.CORTES CIGARS N.V.pdf(525 KB)

21.International Tax & Investment Centerpdf(2 MB)

22.Smoke Free Partnershippdf(2 MB)

23.Action on Smoking and Healthpdf(370 KB)

24.AlpVision SApdf(2 MB)

25.TXTe-solutions GmbHpdf(2 MB)

26.Polish Security Printing Workspdf(626 KB)

27.Royal Agio Cigarspdf(805 KB)

28.Arjo Solutionspdf(809 KB)

29.DANNEMANN Cigarrenfabrik GmbHpdf(841 KB)

30.Austrian Council on Smoking and Healthpdf(547 KB)


32.Thierry Gavelpdf(501 KB)

33.Sigarenfabriek de olifantpdf(412 KB)

34.Hunters & Frankau Limitedpdf(900 KB)

35.Swisher International, Inc.pdf(706 KB)

36.European Respiratory Society (ERS)pdf(3 MB)

37.TZNpdf(604 KB)

38.Cimabel vzw/asbl - Cigarette Manufacturers of Belgium and Luxemburgpdf(349 KB)

39.TDL Distributors Limited t/apdf(270 KB)

40.Ministry of Health and Elderly (Denmark)pdf(497 KB)

41.Danish Cancer Societypdf(253 KB)

42.SICPA Security Solutions SApdf(910 KB)

43.Essentra plcpdf(2 MB)

44.TVLpdf(581 KB)

45.Premium Imports Incpdf(524 KB)

46.Tobacco Free Futurespdf(624 KB)

47.Heintz Van Landewyck SPRLpdf(3 MB)

48.Federación de Asociaciones de Enfermería Familiar y Comunitaria ( FAECAP)pdf(128 KB)

49.The Imported Tobacco Products Advisory Councilpdf(608 KB)

50.Tobaccoland Ltdpdf(391 KB)

51.Authentixpdf(2 MB)

52.KT International SApdf(453 KB)

53.Worldline NVpdf(959 KB)

54.LA POSTEpdf(729 KB)

55.NXP Semiconductorspdf(501 KB)

56.DHL Supply Chainpdf(276 KB)

57.Digital Coding & Tracking Association (DCTA)pdf(2 MB)

58.Worldline, an Atos Company, on behalf of the Coalition Against Illicit Trade (CAIT)pdf(593 KB)

59.Indirect Taxes Policy & Legislation Division (Ireland)pdf(83 KB)

60.Giesecke & Devrient GmbHpdf(288 KB)

61.UK Faculty of Public Healthpdf(315 KB)

62.Philip Morris International Inc.pdf(4 MB)


64.Imprensa Nacionalpdf(213 KB)


66.Imperial Tobacco Limitedpdf(3 MB)

67.Consejo General de Colegios Oficiales de Psicólogoapdf(288 KB)

68.British American Tobacco Plcpdf(3 MB)

69.Giesecke und Devrient Matsoukis S.A (Veridos Matsoukis Security Printing S.A.)pdf(231 KB)

70.National Customs Agency (Bulgaria)pdf(193 KB)

71.Department of Customs and Excise of Cypruspdf(227 KB)

72.BASCAP International Chamber of Commercepdf(2 MB)

73.Compañia de distribución integral LOGISTApdf(2 MB)

74.Hologram Industriespdf(417 KB)

75.FATA Logistic Systemspdf(2 MB)

76.Scandinavian Tobacco Grouppdf(2 MB)

77.Ritmeester Cigarspdf(518 KB)

78.ESTA European Smoking Tobacco Associationpdf(2 MB)

79.NETSApdf(447 KB)

80.FractureCode Corporation ApSpdf(2 MB)

81.Fresh Bede Housepdf(524 KB)

82.Scottish Wholesale Associationpdf(602 KB)

83.Alliance contre le tabac - ACT (French Alliance for Tobacco Control)pdf(839 KB)

84.Japan Tobacco International S.A.pdf(783 KB)

85.BWG Foodspdf(384 KB)

86.The Czech Chamber of Commercepdf(243 KB)


88.Lyfra nvpdf(807 KB)

89.Agenzia dogane e monopolipdf(125 KB)

90.Fixmer Sàrlpdf(594 KB)

91.Ashton Distributors Incpdf(385 KB)

92.DGDDIpdf(218 KB)

93.Advanced Track and Tracepdf(979 KB)

94.Trendy Foods SA - Belgium & Luxembourgpdf(141 KB)

95.GS1 Europepdf(819 KB)

96.J.R Byrne & Sons Ltdpdf(127 KB)


98.HMRC / Department of Health (UK)pdf(2 MB)

99.The Tobacco Manufacturers’ Associationpdf(628 KB)

100.Cigar Rights of Americapdf(378 KB)

101.Jura JSP GmbHpdf(954 KB)

102.AGEMOSpdf(329 KB)


104.Health Promotion Foundation (Fundacja Promocja Zdrowia - Zdrowie albo Tytoń)pdf(213 KB)

105.Rocky Patel Premium Cigar, Inc.pdf(299 KB)

106.J.C. Newman Cigar Companypdf(499 KB)

107.Tobacco and Alcohol Control Unit Department of Health Irelandpdf(191 KB)

108.Bundesdruckerei GmbHpdf(17 MB)

109.FETABEL vzw-asblpdf(725 KB)

110.De La Ruepdf(320 KB)

A non-confidential summary of the comments will be made available via this website at a later date.

Contact details

DG SANTE, Unit B2 - "Health in all policies, global health, tobacco control"