Health technology assessment

Joint action on health technology assessment

The EU promotes cooperation on health technology assessment through its support for EUnetHTA's joint actions. The EUnetHTA Joint Action 1 (2010-2012) involved 24 EU countries, plus Norway and Switzerland. The current EUnetHTA Joint Action 2 (2012-2015) involves all 28 EU countries plus Norway, Switzerland, Turkey and Russia. The total budget is 9,4 million euro.


  • provide clear guidelines for effective working models and tools for HTA collaboration at EU level
  • prevent duplication of work between national agencies and promote sharing and reuse of HTA information, particularly regarding relative safety and efficacy/effectiveness
  • spread expertise, for the benefit of all EU countries
  • strengthen evaluations carried out by EU countries
  • develop transparent governance tools, notably vis-à-vis stakeholders
  • produce a number of joint scientific assessments on interventions, medical devices and pharmaceuticals.


Denmark (represented by the National Board of Health), serving as the secretariat of the EUnetHTA collaboration project.

EUnetHTA meetings

  • Plenary Assembly: 1 face-to-face meeting a year
  • Executive Committee: 2 face-to-face meetings a year and monthly e-meetings
  • Stakeholder Forum: 1 face-to-face meeting a year and quarterly e-meetings

Details of joint action meetings

Details of joint action meetings on EUnetHTA's website


The Consumers, Health and Food Executive Agency implements the EU health programme, manages the selected projects and works on the joint action mechanism.