The EU Health Strategy has 3 main objectives:

  • fostering good health in an ageing Europe
  • protecting citizens from health threats
  • supporting dynamic health system and new technologies

Fostering good health in an ageing Europe

The EU Health Strategy sets out actions to prevent diseases and tackle lifestyle factors determining health, like living and working conditions, nutrition, and physical activity.

Health promotion is particularly important in the context of an ageing population resulting from a combination of longer life expectancies and low birth rates. Projections show that the proportion of people over 65 in Europe will increase from 17% (2010) to almost 30% by 2060.

Health in ageing Europe – action at EU level

Protecting citizens from health threats

In recent years, the EU has gone through various crises caused by serious cross‑border threats to health. New emerging health threats require a fast and coordinated response. The EU has therefore established an EU‑wide network to respond rapidly.

Prevention measures in areas such as antimicrobial resistance and healthcare associated infections must also be constantly adapted.

Protection from health threats – action at EU level

Supporting dynamic health systems and new technologies

Health systems in the EU are under increasing pressure due to emerging epidemiological and economic challenges, such as the increasing prevalence of chronic diseases and the financial sustainability of health systems.

New technologies can contribute to the efficiency and sustainability of health systems, while improving access to safe, high‑quality healthcare for Europeans. For instance, e‑Health can help provide medical services in rural areas, especially where there is a shortage of health workers.

Dynamic health systems & new technologies – action at EU level