Expert Group on Health Information (EGHI)

The Expert Group on Health Information (EGHI) is a consultative structure with representatives from EU Member States, EEA/EFTA and candidate countries as well as international organisations; to support the overall implementation mechanisms for the health strategy with regard to health information. The EGHI meets regularly.

In particular, the EGHI should:

• work together with the Commission to agree on needs and solutions for European health information and reconcile the technical issues and resource constraints of this information with the overall EU policy and strategic needs;

• assist in defining and overseeing technical work needed to achieve this work;

• act as a platform for cooperation and collaboration on health information at European level.

EGHI meetings

2015 meetings: In an extra-ordinary EGHI meeting the 22 January, it was agreed to set up a task force in order to steer the process of inter-linking existing projects on health information in relation to the BRIDGE-Health project, for preparations of a potential ERIC on Health Information and to coordinate with other initiatives relevant for Health Information, The first meeting of the Task Force was held in May 2015. A European Health Information system initiative is in progress and planned for 2016.

22 January 2014: The Ad-hoc Core working group on a potential ERIC on health information presented their deliberations in the document 'A potential ERIC on Health - Scoping paper for considerations of EU Member States and EEA/EFTA countries in the Expert Group on Health Informationpdf(694 KB)', The work undertaken by this group was without prejudice to possibly including or excluding any health information task or activity or any entity or Member State, associated country or third State to participate in a potential future ERIC or in any possible future application for EU funding. The Commission services shall not be involved in any preparatory process for such applications.

29-30 May 2013: The EGHI discussed the possibility of establishing a health information European Research Infrastructure Consortium (ERIC). See the Non-paper on "Health Information System European Research Infrastructure Consortium" – HIS ERICpdf(52 KB), which aims to describe elements of a possible long-term health information and knowledge system.

A European Health Information system initiative is in progress and planned for 2016.

Former technical groups or other consultative structures under the EGHI

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