Implementation of EU health policies – indicators

The mid‑term evaluation of the EU's health strategy for 2008‑13 (covering the period 2008 to early 2011) found that:

  • the strategy provides a coherent and comprehensive map of the main health‑related issues
  • the member countries can achieve more when working in coordination at EU level in certain areas
  • the strategy serves as a consistent guiding framework and reference for actions taken at EU level.
Report on the mid-term evaluationpdf(3 MB)

Implementation of EU health policies – indicators

While established mechanisms adequately track the implementation of legislative initiatives (in particular regulations and directives), the Commission has little access to systematic ‘bottom‑up’ information about how non-legislative EU‑level initiatives are translated into concrete action in the member countries.

A set of common indicators to monitor the uptake of EU health policy initiatives would improve the coherence of EU action. A 2012 study identifies such indicators:

Study to measure the implementation of EU health policies at national, regional and local levels, assessing the utility of existing indicators for this task and developing new indicators as necessary: