Results of the reflection process on EU health policy

The European Commission thanks all the national and regional authorities, NGOs, universities, individual citizens, companies and associations who participated in this reflection process which will feed into the preparation of the future EU health strategy.

Below is a list of all the contributions which had reached the Commission by the end of October 2004. Individual contributions are being published - gradually, by category - on this page, which will be updated regularly:

arrow Member States (national authorities) and Norway
arrow Regional authorities, representative offices
arrow Other European institutions and national parliaments
arrow Members of the Health Policy Forum
arrow Other International associations
arrow Other European associations
arrow Other National associations
arrow International organisations
arrow Citizens
arrow Universities
arrow Commercial organisations and companies

Member States (national authorities) and Norway

R-008 pdf(76 KB) MUCINŠ Rinalds (Minister) Ministry of Health of the Republic of Latvia LV 13/08/2004
R-026 pdf(146 KB) KOIVUSALO Meri STAKES
Globalism and social policy programme
FIN 27/09/2004
R-041 pdf(375 KB) LINDGREN Thor Erik The Royal Ministry of Health NO 04/10/2004
R-051 pdf(189 KB) HUTTON, John
(Minister of State)
Department of Health
UK 07/10/2004
R-104 pdf(116 KB) TAIPALE Vappu STAKES
National Research centre for Welfare and Health
FIN 15/10/2004
R-156 pdf(105 KB) JOHANSSON, Morgan
(Minister for Public Health and Social Services)

(Minister for Health and Elderly care)
Ministry of Health and Social Affairs S 18/10/2004
R-162 pdf(200 KB) HARANT Philippe Ministère de la santé F 19/10/2004
R-172 pdf(2 MB) HARNEY Mary
Minister for Health and Children IRL 20/10/2004
R-173 pdf(152 KB) HYSSÄLÄ Liisa
Minister of Health and social services FIN 21/10/2004
R-185 pdf(179 KB) WITTMANN-STAHL Irene Bundesministerium für Gesundheit und Soziale Sicherung D 08/12/2004
R-186 pdf(264 KB) HOOGERVORST Hans
Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport NL 08/12/2004
R-190 pdf(165 KB) VELLA Anthony J. Ministry of Health, the Elderly and Community Care MT 14/01/2005
R-191 pdf(64 KB) JǾRGENSEN Mogens Department of Interior and Health DK 15/01/2005
R-192 pdf(177 KB) BARANAUSKIENE Romalda Ministry of Health of the Republic of Lithuania LT 14/01/2005
R-193 pdf(237 KB) SZTWIERTNIA Pawel The Undersecretary of State PL 27/01/2005

Regional authorities, representative offices

R-039 pdf(105 KB) SPENCER Jones South Birmingham PCT UK 04/10/2004
R-065 pdf(416 KB) SPENCER Jenny-Lee
(European Health Policy Advisor)
West Midlands in Europe UK 13/10/2004
R-078 pdf(256 KB) KOSINSKA Monika North West Regional Health Brussels office
North West of England House
UK 13/10/2004
R-087 pdf(529 KB) BREMNER Lisa Local Government International Bureau UK 14/10/2004
R-091 pdf(170 KB) ATKINSON Sue MC CAUGHEY Lesley Five Strategic Health Authorities and the Primary Care Trusts in London UK 14/10/2004
R-112 pdf(144 KB) BÜNSOW Kerstin MELLQUIST Annika Uppsala County Council S 15/10/2004
R-132 pdf(163 KB) SÖRMAN Hakan Swedish Association of Local Authorities
Swedish Federation of County councils
S 15/10/2004
R-139 pdf(242 KB) FROWEN Beverlea MABLY Susan Welsh Local Government Association UK 15/10/2004
R-187 pdf(471 KB) RONFINI Francesco Veneto Region IT 20/12/2004

Other European institutions and national parliaments

R-074 pdf(107 KB) VIRBALIS Rytis
(Senior adviser to committee on Health affairs)
Lithuanian Parliament LT 13/10/2004
R-153 pdf(126 KB) BOWIS John MEP UK 17/10/2004

Members of the Health Policy Forum

R-006 pdf(185 KB) VAN DIEVEL Mary Mental Health Europe B 11/08/2004
R-023 pdf(66 KB) CPME
Standing Committee of European Doctors
Standing Committee of European Doctors
B 24/09/2004
R-024 pdf(247 KB) CRANZ Hubertus AESGP
Association of the European Self Medication Industry
B 24/09/2004
R-031 pdf(134 KB) DERECQUE-POIS Monika GIRP
Groupement International de la répartition Pharmaceutique
B 30/09/2004
R-032 pdf(2 MB) NICOLAI Ton ECH
European Committee for Homeopathy
B 30/09/2004
R-035 pdf(130 KB) DECHAMP Jean-François EATG
European AIDS Treatment Group
B 01/10/2004
R-036 pdf(169 KB) HARKNESS Jo IAPO
International Alliance of Patients organization
UK 01/10/2004
R-046 pdf(187 KB) LOGSTRUP Susanne EHN
European Heart Network
B 05/10/2004
R-062 pdf(224 KB) AGER Brian EFPIA
European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations
B 12/10/2004
R-066 pdf(178 KB) PARENT Anne-Sophie
AGE Platform
The European Older People's Platform
B 13/10/2004
R-069 pdf(147 KB) SCIACHI Alberta
European Union of Private Hospitals
I 13/10/2004
R-071 pdf(96 KB) DUBOIS Cécile ECL
Association of European Cancer Leagues - Federation Belge Contre le Cancer
B 13/10/2004
R-075 pdf(156 KB) Choose translations of the previous link Deutsch (de) français (fr) PALM Willy
Association Internationale de la mutualité
B 13/10/2004
R-084 pdf(623 KB) SMITH Jeremy HAI
Health Action International Europe
NL 14/10/2004
R-085 pdf(423 KB) MARTIN Paloma ENSP
European Network for Smoking Prevention
B 14/10/2004
R-096 pdf(121 KB) VINCENT Gérard
Standing committee of the Hospitals of the European Union
B 14/10/2004
R-106 pdf(233 KB) COULET Léa EuroHealthNet B 15/10/2004
R-109 pdf(143 KB) MACCHIA Flaminia EURORDIS
European Organisation for Rare Diseases
B 15/10/2004
R-110 pdf(262 KB) KNOX Susan Europa Donna
The European Breast Cancer Coalition
I 15/10/2004
R-116 pdf(174 KB) WILSON Petra EHMA
European Health Management Association
B 15/10/2004
Advocacy for the Prevention of Alcohol Related Harm in Europe
B 15/10/2004
R-121 pdf(971 KB) WESTMARK Stig-Erik AER
Assembly of European Regions
F 15/10/2004
R-122 pdf(131 KB) WAGNER Maurice EUCOMED B 15/10/2004
R-131 pdf(84 KB) MARTIN Carmen BEUC
The European Consumers' Organisation
B 15/10/2004
R-137 pdf(283 KB)   BESOZZI Carlotta Forum Européen des personnes handicapées   B 15/10/2004
R-138 pdf(994 KB) APOSTOLAKIS Ioanna PGEU
Pharmaceutical Group of the European Union
B 15/10/2004
R-145 pdf(369 KB) PALKONEN Susanna EFA
European Federation of Allergy and Airways Diseases Patients' Associations
B 15/10/2004
R-149 pdf(273 KB) ROSE Tamsin EPHA European Public Health Alliance B 15/10/2004
R-166 pdf(124 KB) DAVIES John Kenneth
International Union for Health Promotion & Education (European Region) OK 19/10/2004
R-176 pdf(73 KB) TERWEY Franz
European social Insurance platform
B 22/10/2004

Other International associations

R-025 pdf(101 KB) BUCCHERI Giancarlo IVAA
International Federation of Anthroposophical Medical Associations
I 26/09/2004
R-089 pdf(533 KB) LOPES Antonio
European Region of World Confederation for Physical Therapy B 14/10/2004
R-127 pdf(203 KB) HALL Michael
Diabetes UK
IDF-E International Diabetes Federation FEND Federation of European Nurses in Diabetes Diabetes UK B 15/10/2004
R-170 pdf(2 MB) PATEL Praful IAF
International Ayurveda Foundation (India)
IN 20/10/2004

Other European associations

R-011 pdf(86 KB) GERHARDUS Monika
Association of Natural Medicine in Europe
B 26/08/2004
R-027 pdf(271 KB) KEMPENICH Robert ECPM
European council of doctors for plurality in medicine
F 29/09/2004
R-029 pdf(139 KB) VON HEBEL Lucas ECHAMP
European Coalition on Homeopathic and Anthroposophic Products
B 30/09/2004
R-030 pdf(263 KB) PRADELL, E Colette EFPAM
European Federation of Patients associations for Anthroposophic medicine
F 30/09/2004
R-044 pdf(162 KB) FAULDS WOOD Lynn European Cancer Patient Coalition UK 05/10/2004
R-045 pdf(209 KB) SAVOYE Erick EMHF
European Men's Health Forum
B 05/10/2004
R-047 pdf(124 KB) ROGMANS Wim ECOSA
European Consumer Safety Association
NL 05/10/2004
R-048 pdf(115 KB) VAN HEMELRYCK Françoise FECS
Federation of European Cancer Societies
B 05/10/2004
R-049 pdf(169 KB) MAGUIRE Peggy European Institute of Women's Health IRL 05/10/2004
R-050 pdf(223 KB) McPHAIL Mary European Women's Lobby B 07/10/2004
R-055 pdf(208 KB) HUDSON Tom Europa Uomos Steering Committee B 10/10/2004
R-057 pdf(155 KB) SEQUARIS Marguerite / SCHNEIDER Miriam HOTREC
Hotels, Restaurants and Cafés in Europe
B 11/10/2004
R-063 pdf(284 KB) Choose translations of the previous link français (fr)
DRUART Philippe European Chiropractors' Union F 12/10/2004
R-090 pdf(113 KB) LINDMARK Sture (chairman) ESTOC
European Smokeless Tobacco Council
B 14/10/2004
R-094 pdf(193 KB) THALHEIM European Patients'Forum B 14/10/2004
R-103 pdf(237 KB) GODFREY Fiona European Respiratory Society/ European Lung Foundation B 15/10/2004
R-108 pdf(600 KB) READ Imelda Health First Europe B 15/10/2004
R-129 pdf(181 KB) VALOTA Pia ASECO
Alliance of Social and Ecological Consumer Organizations
I 15/10/2004
R-130 pdf(508 KB) CHANSKA Weronika ASTRA
Central and Eastern European Women's network Sexual and Reproductive Health
PL 15/10/2004
R-134 pdf(140 KB) GLÜSING Birte EULAR PARE Manifesto People with Arthritis Rheumatism in Europe UK 15/10/2004
R-135 pdf(843 KB) VINCENTEN Joanne European Child Safety Alliance NL 15/10/2004
R-136 pdf(279 KB) MARINKER Marshall Health Targets UK 15/10/2004
R-150 pdf(250 KB) VAN BELLEN Adrian Heart EU NL 15/10/2004
R-151 pdf(547 KB) CHRISTIANSEN Dorrit The European Representative of the Christian Science Committee on Publication B 16/10/2004
R-152 pdf(311 KB) GORDEN Stephen ECCH
The European Council for Classical Homeopathy
UK 16/10/2004
R-154 pdf(105 KB) SOMEKH David ESQH
European Society for Quality in Healthcare
UK 18/10/2004
R-161 pdf(194 KB) MITCHELL Rod EFCCA
European Federation of Crohn's and Ulcerative Colitis Associations
UK 19/10/2004
R-171 pdf(167 KB) WEBB Colin EC
European coalition of positive people
UK 20/10/2004
R-174 pdf(152 KB) HEUSCHEN Willy European Association of Hospital Managers B 21/10/2004
R-175 pdf(640 KB) MERINO Paula EMCDDA
European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Dtrug Addiction
P 21/10/2004
R-188 pdf(166 KB) REICHERT Sibylle AEIP (European Association of Paritarian Institutions) B 22/12/2004

Other National associations

R-003 pdf(202 KB) TSEMPERLIDIS Nikolaos KEKELEKI Evangelia KEPKA
Consumers Protection Centre
EL 26/07/2004
R-004 pdf(152 KB) SIMONELLI Fabrizio A. Meyer Children Hospital Florence
Health Promotion Program
I 29/07/2004
R-010 pdf(2 MB) LONGFIELD Jeanette Sustain / Alliance for better food and farm UK 17/08/2004
R-012 pdf(101 KB) DAVIES Maggie BROOKES Chris HDA
Health Development Agency
UK 27/08/2004
R-016 pdf(262 KB) CAPELLARO Marcus Arbeits-gemeinschaft Dermatologiche Prä¤vention ADP
Arbeits-gemeinschaft Dermatologische Prävention
D 3/09/2004
R-019 pdf(180 KB) BLACHAR Yoram Israel Medical Association IS 06/09/2004
R-034 pdf(110 KB) LIIV Krystiine National Institute for Health development EE 01/10/2004
R-040 pdf(181 KB) ETGETON Stefan Federation of German Consumer Organisations D 04/10/2004
R-054 pdf(120 KB) BRUN Nicolas UNAF
Union Nationale des associations familiales
F 08/10/2004
R-056 pdf(118 KB) MARTIN Amy SUSTRANS
UK 11/10/2004
R-061 pdf(209 KB) McKEE Martin and BELCHER Paul Royal College of Physicians UK 12/10/2004
R-064 pdf(147 KB) FAGERSTRÖM Karl Smokers Information Centre Fagerstrom Consulting AB S 13/10/2004
R-068 pdf(139 KB) FULVIO Aurora Consiglio Regione Lombardia (per Medicina Democratica) I 13/10/2004
R-076 pdf(133 KB) CRAGGS Madeleine General Osteopathic Council UK   13/10/2004
R-077 pdf(85 KB) SEMERDJIEV Ilko
(Chairman of IHHII)
International Healthcare and Health Insurance Institute (IHHII) BG Post letter 5/10/2004
R-080 pdf(130 KB) NOWAKOWSKA Hanna I am Woman, The Foundation for Women's Issues PL 13/10/2004
R-098 pdf(159 KB) FERRIER Helen NFU
National Farmers' Union
UK 14/10/2004
R-099 pdf(73 KB) AMARILLA Manuel Eupharlaw E 14/10/2004
R-101 pdf(72 KB) HJERTQVIST Johan Health Consumer Powerhouse the European do-tank for better healthcare Bxl/ Stockholm S 15/10/2004
R-102 pdf(317 KB) OOSTERWIJK Cor
Alliantie Voor Erfelijkheids-vraagstukken (Dutch Genetic Alliance)
NL 15/10/2004
R-111 pdf(759 KB) ELLIOTT Matthew TPA
The TaxPayers' Alliance
UK 15/10/2004
R-113 pdf(180 KB) UGOLINI Giuseppe SIANET
Servizio Sanitario Nationale
I 15/10/2004
R-114 pdf(165 KB) SCHMID Corinna Asociacion Endometriosis Espana E 15/10/2004
R-120 pdf(206 KB) DORAN Kevin The British Medical Association UK 15/10/2004
R-123 pdf(173 KB) BUTLER Robert
FORETTE Françoise
Alliance for Health and the Future UK 15/10/2004
R-140 pdf(147 KB) GOMEZ Teresa
Tecknon Medical center E 15/10/2004
R-141 pdf(916 KB) DEBOOM Nadia Vrienden van Luk and Rita B 15/10/2004
R-143 pdf(77 KB) MUSIC Robert National Endometriosis Society UK 15/10/2004
R-144 pdf(192 KB) WYN OWEN John The Nuffield Trust For research and Policy studies in Health services UK 15/10/2004
R-146 pdf(179 KB) INGERSTAM Bengt President Swedish Consumer Coalition S 15/10/2004
R-147 pdf(204 KB) HUMMELSHOJ Lone Member ESHRE
Endometriose Foreningen Denmark
Special Interest Group on Endometriosis
DK 15/10/2004
R-157 pdf(217 KB) VILLA Luisa Relazioni Esterne Istituzionali Altroconsumo I 18/10/2004
R-158 pdf(124 KB) BUCETA Elena Fundacion Secretariado General Gitano E 18/10/2004
R-159 pdf(206 KB) LEVY Gabrielle European Information Assistant Communications Department Royal College of Nursing UK 18/10/2004
R-160 pdf(167 KB) LIEBSCH Martina Deutscher Caritasverband
EU Vertretung
D 18/10/2004
R-163 pdf(275 KB) KENT Alastair GIG
The Genetic Interest Group
UK 19/10/2004
R-167 pdf(796 KB) BELCHER Paul Royal College of Physicians UK 20/10/2004
R-168 pdf(166 KB) HODA Mark RNID
The Royal National Institute for Deaf People
UK 20/10/2004
R-177 pdf(194 KB) KENTNER Susan Helmholtz Association of National Research Centres B 22/10/2004
R-178 pdf(198 KB) GOOSSENS Jo BIO-SENSE B 23/10/2004
R-179 pdf(351 KB) WADOUX Julia REIF
Representation des institutions Françaises de securité sociale auprès de l'union européenne
B 25/10/2004
R-183 pdf(299 KB) McMAHON Mary CEO
Caring for Carers Ireland
IRL 01/11/2004

International organisations

R-182 pdf(216 KB) DANZON Mark WHO Regional Director for Europe DK 15/11/2004


R-001 pdf(163 KB) MEYER Hermann T. Private CH 19/07/2004
R-009 pdf(112 KB) JUVIN Philippe Private F 16/08/2004
R-021 pdf(102 KB) EVANS, Stuart Private I 18/09/2004
R-017 pdf(106 KB) STEIN Hans Private D 6/09/2004
R-033 pdf(223 KB) CINAR Basak Ayse Private TR 30/09/2004
R-038 pdf(824 KB) ROBERTI Paolo Private I 01/10/2004
R-052 pdf(105 KB) LAWLOR Martin Private IRL 07/10/2004
R-072 pdf(78 KB) RAMECKERS Edith Mal Private NL 13/10/2004
R-079 pdf(185 KB) HENDERSON John H. Private
Member of the EC Working Party on Mental Health
B 13/10/2004
R-081 pdf(82 KB) KANGASMÄKI Elisa Private FIN 13/10/2004
R-100 pdf(252 KB) ALDINGER Carmen HHD
Health and Human Development Programs
Education Development Center
USA 14/10/2004
R-169 pdf(98 KB) BRIGAND Jean Paul Private P 23/08/2004
R-184 pdf(139 KB) POPP Ruediger Private D 23/11/2004


R-002 pdf(126 KB) MUSSI Aldo School of Health & Policy Studies, University of Central England UK 19/07/2004
R-005 pdf(112 KB) SUURORG Lagle Institute of Cardiology

Member of CINDI council of Ministry of Social Affairs
EE 30/07/2004
R-007 pdf(86 KB) RENTROP Timm EIPA
European Institute of Public Administration Maastricht
NL 11/08/2004
R-020 pdf(89 KB) BOERS Maarten VUMC
VU University Medical Center
NL 11/09/2004
R-022 pdf(100 KB) LAW, Kate
(Principal Lecturer)
Institute of Nursing and Midwifery, University of Brighton UK 23/9/2004
R-037 pdf(83 KB) AXELSSON Jonas Karolinska University Hospital S 01/10/2004
R-053 pdf(80 KB) EVERS Hans
(Professor of Obstetrics and Gynaecology)
Academisch ziekenhuis Maastricht NL 08/10/2004
R-058 pdf(2 MB) BERNHARD Gerda Medizinische Universität Wien A 12/10/2004
R-060 pdf(79 KB) WALSH Patricia Noonan
(Professor of Disability studies)
University College Dublin IRL 12/10/2004
R-070 pdf(139 KB) RUANE Sally Faculty of Health and Life Sciences Montfort University UK 13/10/2004
R-073 pdf(129 KB) RODU Brad
(Professor department of Pathology)
University of Alabama at Birmingham
UK 13/10/2004
R-083 pdf(87 KB) SVENSSON Staffan Dept. of clinical Pharmacology,
Sahlgren's University Hospital
S 14/10/2004
R-088 pdf(147 KB) CABRERA Maria Fernanda UPM
Technical University of Madrid
E 14/10/2004
R-092 pdf(186 KB) STRUELENS Marc ESCMID
Université Libre de Bruxelles - Hopital Erasme
B 14/10/2004
R-093 pdf(800 KB) RAMSTRÖM Lars ITS
Institute for Tobacco Studies
S 14/10/2004
R-125 pdf(120 KB) McCARTHY Mark University College London UK 15/10/2004
R-128 pdf(148 KB) ANAST Stephanie CEREPRI University of Athens
Center for Research and prevention of injuries
EL 15/10/2004
R-148 pdf(78 KB) D'HOOGHE Thomas University fertility Center
University hospital Gasthuisberg
B 15/10/2004
R-155 pdf(85 KB) VITELLOZZI Giuseppina Facolta di Medicina Veterinaria I 18/10/2004
R-164 pdf(85 KB) KEIM Walter Sor Trondelag College, Faculty of Information Technology and e-learning NO 19/10/2004
R-180 pdf(338 KB) VAN OVERMEIREN Filip University of Ghent
Law Faculty
B 25/10/2004
R-181 pdf(419 KB) WATSON Johathan University of Nottingham
(Division of Epidemiology Public Health)
UK 28/10/2004

Commercial organisations and companies

R-013 pdf(130 KB) REPPUCCI Loredana SGS Future I 28/08/2004
R-015 pdf(109 KB) VANELLA Salvatore DATECI I 31/08/2004
R-018 pdf(141 KB) HARE David/BREWER Sarah Whitehouse Europe/Atkins UK 6/09/2004
R-028 pdf(336 KB) PERRON Piero The Brewers of Europe B 29/09/2004
R-042 pdf(85 KB) HARDING David SBA
Sterile Barrier Association
UK 04/10/2004
R-043 pdf(177 KB) Choose translations of the previous link Deutsch (de)
LORFF Günther Joachim Siemens Company Health Insurance Fund D 05/10/2004
R-059 pdf(135 KB) DE AZERO Magdalena European Vaccine Manufacturers B 12/10/2004
R-067 pdf(234 KB) STRUTT Chris
(Vice president)
Glaxo Smith Kline
UK 13/10/2004
R-082 pdf(195 KB) GIANINO Amie Anheuser Busch Companies USA 13/10/2004
R-086 pdf(186 KB) WALLER Charles
(Executive Director)
Plasma Protein Therapeutics Association
B 14/10/2004
R-095 pdf(74 KB) BRISSON Gilles
(Senior Vice President)
Aventis Pharma F Letter 27/7/2004
R-097 pdf(180 KB) WAIBEL Franz Pfizer B 14/10/2004
R-105 pdf(595 KB) DAVIES David
(Senior Vice President Corporate Affairs)
Philip Morris International CH 15/10/2004
R-107 pdf(147 KB) AULIN Bo
(Senior Vice President)
Swedish Match S 15/10/2004
R-115 pdf(171 KB) BURSIG Hans-Peter COCIR
The European coordination committee of the Radiological Electromedical and Medical IT Industries
D 15/10/2004
R-117 pdf(194 KB) HUGHES-WILSON Wills EBE
Emerging Biopharmaceutical Enterprises
B 15/10/2004
R-118 pdf(281 KB) LEFEBVRE Maryke EACA
European Association of Communications Agencies
B 15/10/2004
R-124 pdf(88 KB) LOHAN Malte World Federation of Advertisers B 15/10/2004
R-126 pdf(199 KB) NUNEZ CERVERA José Coca cola European Public Affairs E 15/10/2004
R-133 pdf(241 KB) RATZAN Scott
(Vice President)
Johnson & Johnson USA 15/10/2004
R-142 pdf(117 KB) QUICK Reinhard Verband der Chemischen Industrie- Verbindungsstelle Brüssel B 15/10/2004
R-165 pdf(127 KB) BOUCHARD Charles MERCK
Merck Sharp and Dohme
B 19/10/2004
R-189 pdf(26 KB) JACOBS Marcel Compass Group PLC NL 04/01/2005