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Table 6: Bacterial mechanisms inducing potential cross-resistance

Mechanism Nature Level of susceptibility to other biocides1 Crossresistance
1 to other biocides - level of susceptibility defined according to the concentration of biocides
2 in the case of acquired resistance, co-resistance has been described
3 triclosan cross-resistance with specific antibiotics (e.g. isoniazid) acting against enoyl acyl carrier proteins (e.g FabI) has been described.
Change in bacterial envelope intrinsic (acquired) no yes
(over)Expression of efflux pumps intrinsic/acquired reduced yes
Enzymatic modification acquired/intrinsic reduced no2
Mutation (target site) acquired reduced no3
Phenotypic change Following exposure reduced yes

Source: SCCS,  Opinion on triclosan (antimicrobial resistance) (2010) , p.29