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Source document:
SCENIHR (2010)

Summary & Details:
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Tobacco Additives


Tobacco Additives links

  1. Factual links
    • 1.1 EU regulations or reports
    • 1.2 Q&As & FAQs
    • 1.3 Other websites
  2. Other Views

1. Factual links

1.1 EU regulations or reports

Report from the Commission to the European Parliament on application of the Tobacco Products Directive.

1.2 Q&As & FAQs

Details of general EU policy and regulation of tobaccco products and public health. 

1.3 Other websites

European Public Health Alliance pages on smoking and health 

World Health Organisation Study Group on Tobacco Product Regtulation 

Worldwide news about tobacco, smoking, health risks and regulation 

UK anti-smoking pressure group Action on Smoking and Health 

US policy on flavoured tobacco and marketing to children 

Large libraries of documents released by the tobacco industry as a result of legal actions in the USA are posted and catalogued on two websites – 


2. Other Views

Independent academic viewpoint on tobacco, risks and regulation, Dr Michael Siegel, Boston University. 

Tobacco industry product, market and regulatory news 

Facts about tobacco ingredients from major manufacturer 

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