Table 2: Household chemical consumer products commonly ingested by children

(Wyke et al. 2009)

Bleach Disinfectants
Sodium hypochlorite Dichlorometaxylenol
Hydrogen peroxide Phenol
Cosmetics and toiletries Cresol
Aftershave lotions, cologne, perfume Petroleum Distillates
Hair remover containing thioglycolate Paint thinner
Nail polish Paintbrush cleaner
Nail polish remover Paraffin
Soap Turpentine substitute (white spirit)
Detergents Furniture and floor polish
Washing-up liquid  
Fabric conditioner  
Automatic washing/dishwashing liquid  

Source: SCCS,  Opinion on the potential health risks posed by chemical consumer products resembling food and/or having child-appealing properties, (2011),
6.3. Products commonly ingested by accident, p.12