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Table 1. Typical sources of electromagnetic fields

Frequency range Frequencies Some examples of exposure sources
Static 0 Hz video display units; MRI (medical imaging) and other diagnostic or scientific instrumentation; industrial electrolysis; welding devices
ELF [Extremely Low Frequencies] 0-300 Hz power lines; domestic distribution lines; domestic appliances; electric engines in cars, trains and tramways; welding devices
IF [Intermediate Frequencies] 300 Hz - 100 kHz video display units; anti-theft devices in shops; hands-free access control systems, card readers and metal detectors; MRI; welding devices
RF [Radio Frequencies] 100 kHz - 300 GHz mobile telephones; broadcasting and TV; microwave ovens; radar and radio transceivers; portable radios; MRI

Source: SCENIHR  Possible effects of Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) on Human Health