EU health reports

Reports at EU level are a synthesis of public health information and statistics from all EU countries, and contribute to creating the European Health Information and Knowledge system.

Community Health Programme reports

Community Health Programme reports produce comparable information on:

  • health and health-related behaviour of the population (e.g. data on lifestyles and other health determinants)
  • diseases (e.g. incidence of, and ways to monitor chronic, major and rare diseases)
  • health systems (e.g. indicators on access to care for everyone, on quality of care provided, on human resources for health, and on the financial viability of health care systems)

Statistical Health Reports

Produced by Eurostat to continuously improve health programme databases and publications.

Reports on incidences of specific communicable diseases

by the EU network monitoring the incidence of specific communicable diseases, hospital infections and resistance to antibiotics.

Selection criteria:

  • diseases which cause, or could potentially cause significant morbidity and/or mortality across the EU
  • where the exchange of information may provide early warning of threats to public health
  • serious diseases which would not be recognised at national level and where data pooling makes it possible to form hypotheses from a wider knowledge base
  • diseases for which effective preventive measures are available, with a gain in terms of health protection

Other health-related reports

Produced by EU departments and agencies