Who can participate?

All EU countries, Iceland and Norway participate in the Health Programme i.e. entities registered in these countries are eligible to participate in the calls for proposals.

No other country has signed a specific agreement on the Health Programme so far. When such an agreement is signed in the future, the Commission and Chafea will publish the country's name on their web-sites.

Even organisations from countries not participating in the programme are encouraged to get involved, where this can help achieve the programme's objectives. Such organisations can be invited by partners from participating countries, if their contribution is considered useful. However, they may neither contribute financially nor receive any funding from the programme.

Participation is open to a wide range of organisations, including:

  • Research institutes and universities
  • Public authorities
  • NGO's
  • Commercial firms

Different participation rules apply, depending on how the initiative is funded. The details are specified in the annual work plan and call for proposals published each year.