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Public consultation 1 on the Risk Assessment Advanced Training Programme (RAAP) Guidelines

The current need for trained risk assessors with a strong background in toxicology and familiarity with the current legislative framework in Europe is well known. In fact, members of the European Commission's Scientific Advisory bodies, independent scientists, Member States, and societal stakeholders have repeatedly voiced their concern over the shortage of trained risk assessors in Europe and the potential effects this may have on the long-term sustainability of risk assessment advice to EU and national bodies, as well as the private sector.

Key factors contributing to the short supply of risk assessors include the limited training opportunities in the field of risk assessment, and the lack of training schemes and opportunities for practical, on the job training on the risk assessment approach.

In the context of initiatives of the European Commission non food Scientific Committees Inter Committee Coordination Group 2 to promote the scientific dialogue in broad areas of risk assessment, the Risk Assessment Unit of the Health and Consumers Directorate General commissioned EUROTOX (Federation of European Toxicology Societies) to produce, in collaboration with key academic institutions, and representatives of the Commission's non food Scientific Committees guidelines on the establishment of a Risk Assessment training program to provide individuals with appropriate academic backgrounds with the knowledge and practical training needed to understand and participate in the risk assessment process.

The draft guidelines document can be found here pdf

Interested parties are invited to send their comments on the document via the following website

A document with guidelines for submission of contributions, containing criteria for the public consultation and guidance for submission can be found here.

Deadline for the submission of comments: 24 June 2009

Please note that comments received after the deadline CANNOT be taken into account

Please note that comments which do not relate to the scope of this public consultation or do not comply with the criteria for these public consultations will not be considered.

More information on the Scientific Committees of the European Commission can be found here.

For any questions or further clarifications, please contact: SANCO-RA-training@ec.europa.eu

1 This consultation is in line with the procedures for stakeholder dialogue published on 15 September 2007 by the European Commission's Directorate General for Health and Consumers.

2 COMMISSION DECISION of 5 September 2008 setting up an advisory structure of Scientific Committees and experts in the field of consumer safety, public health and the environment and repealing Decision 2004/210/EC



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