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Public consultation on the SCCP preliminary report on Sensitivity to hair dyes-Consumer self testing
The European Commission has requested the SCCP to prepare an opinion on the risks and benefits of consumer self tests to detect sensitisation to hair dye ingredients.

The SCCP has adopted a preliminary report on the risk assessment of hair dye consumer self tests on 19 June 2007. The preliminary version of the opinion can be found herepdf. The report concluded that, although the consumer self test as recommended by manufacturers might be able to detect some existing sensitivity to hair dyes, there may be potential health risks for sensitive and non sensitive consumers who conduct them. Lack of standardised methodologies and large variations in the recommended test procedures may give false-negative results to sensitive consumers. Moreover, due to the use of undiluted hair dye products on the skin and the extended exposure times, there is a risk that some consumers may develop sensitivity (skin allergy) to the hair dye substances when they conduct these self tests.

A document on Guidelines for submission of contributions, containing the criteria for the public consultation and guidance for submission, can be found herepdf

Deadline for the submission of comments is 6 September 2007.:

Please note that comments received after the deadline CANNOT be taken into account

Please note that comments which do not relate to the scope of this public consultation or do not comply with the criteria for these public consultations will not be considered.

More information on SCCP and the other non-food Scientific Committees of the European Commission can be found here.

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