Table 5. Wavelength dependency in photosensitive diseases

Condition Wavelengths (nm)
Ultra-Violet Radiation Visible Radiation
Visible Radiation
Visible (blue)
Visible (red)
Notes: Shaded areas indicate the regions of the spectrum that have been shown to induce the disorder. UVC has not been included as very little data are available on UVC sensitivity. This is because the main purpose of phototesting is to investigate sensitivity to wavelengths that are present in sunlight.
Actinic prurigo        
Chronic actinic dermatitis        
Hydroa vacciniforme        
Lupus erythematosus        
Polymorphic light eruption          
Solar urticaria        
Xeroderma pigmentosum          



Source: SCENIHR, Health effects of artificial light, 19 March 2012,
 3.6.1 The photosensitive skin diseases, pp. 61-68.