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Issue 89, 3 May 2012

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High Level Conference on EU Health Programmes: results and perspectives

By John F. Ryan, Acting Director Public Health Directorate

Good health is a major concern for us all. We all fall ill at some point and use health services, and we want to lead healthy and active lives for as long as possible. The 'High Level Conference on EU Health Programmes: results and perspectives', held on 3rd May in Brussels, highlights the successes of the first and second Health Programmes which are part of a broader EU policy aimed at improving and protecting the health of citizens.


The Conference, organised jointly by the European Commission's Directorate-General for Health and Consumers and its Executive Agency, will bring together EU Member States representatives, Members of the European Parliament, representatives of NGOs and patient organisations, scientists and academics and various health stakeholders and will also look at the third 'Health for Growth Programme' (2014-2020) currently being debated by the Council of Ministers and the European Parliament.


Nearly €500 million has been spent from health programmes in the last 10 years on hundreds of health projects. Success stories from those projects will be presented at the conference. In the current economic climate, when budgets are under scrutiny, it is important to emphasise that health is a contributing factor to economic growth, and with an ageing population it is more important than ever for everyone to be active members of society. Good health makes all the difference between being able to work or not, and to extending the period spent without the burden of illness.


By contributing to innovative and sustainable health systems, increasing access to better and safer healthcare, promoting good health, preventing diseases and protecting the population from cross-border health threats, the next 'Health for Growth' programme should ensure that Member States and health stakeholders will use opportunities offered by this EU financing instrument to improve the health status of our citizens.


Live web streaming is available today from 9.15am-6.15pm

News from the EU

European Commission offers EUR2 million prize for a leap forward in vaccine technology

The European Commission has offered a prize to encourage inventors to overcome barriers to using vaccines in developing countries.

Picture my body

Four people recall their personal dramas dealing with serious diseases.

Ageing: how long can we expect to be healthy into our twilight years?

'Healthy Life Years' figures were presented at the first annual meeting of the European Joint Action on Healthy Life Years (EHLEIS).

UNAIDS–Additional HIV prevention option to discordant couples

New guidelines have been issued encouraging couples to go together for HIV testing in order to know their HIV status.

EUCAM’s reaction on alcohol industry’s Responsible Marketing Pact

Leading producers from the beer, wine and spirits sectors launched a comprehensive initiative to strengthen advertising self-regulatory schemes for alcohol beverage marketing.

Reporting from across Europe


Lëtz move! A new campaign to promote health and well-being

Sports Minister Romain Schneider has unveiled a new campaign. The project is part of the government's 'Eating healthy, moving more' action plan.


National Nutrition Action Plan (NAP.e)

The National Nutrition Action Plan (NAP.e) addresses overweight and obesity problems.

EU Press Releases

EU Commissioner Dalli delivers speech on 'How to make healthy ageing a reality'

John Dalli, European Commissioner for Health and Consumer Policy, attended the Breakfast Policy Briefing of the European Policy Centre in Brussels on 20 April 2012.

EU Commissioner Dalli delivers a speech on 'Is the economic crisis an opportunity for better efficiency in healthcare?'

John Dalli, European Commissioner for Health and Consumer Policy, attends the General Assembly of the European Coordination Committee of the Radiological, Electromedical and Healthcare IT Industry (COCIR) in Brussels on 19 April 2012.

Health in the EU27 in 2010

According to statistics published by Eurostat, at the age of 65, both women and men are expected to live a further 9 years in a healthy condition.

Forthcoming Events

European Colorectal Cancer Days (Brno, 4-5 May 2012)

Patient's conference on colorectal Cancer Prevention and screening. More than 200,000 Europeans die every year from malignant tumours of the colon and rectum, many deaths can be avoided.

eHealth High Level Conference (Copenhagen, 7- 9 May 2012)

How innovative ICT solutions can address healthcare issues such as efficient support of chronically ill, patient empowerment, cross-border healthcare, and an ageing society.

'Living longer, better' - European Conference on Chronic Diseases (11 May 2012)

The European Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Coalition (COPD) will organise a Conference on chronic diseases, in partnership with the European Public Health Alliance and its members.

6th European Patients Rights Day (Brussels, 15-16 May 2012)

The number of ageing citizens is rapidly increasing. Issues concerning their access to health care services and the respect of their rights as patients are becoming extremely challenging.

New Publications

Health for the EU in 20 success stories

A new publication highlighting a selection of successful projects funded by the EU Health Programmes.

European Commission issues Salt Report

First steps towards reducing the excessive salt intake across the EU. New report gives an overview of activities that took place at national level in 2008 and 2009 within the context of the common EU Framework on voluntary national salt initiatives.

The world health report - Health systems financing: the path to universal coverage

In this report, the World Health Organization maps out what countries can do to modify their financing systems to sustain affordable health.

What's New on Health-EU

Launch of HEIDI wiki at EU health programmes conference

A Wikipedia for health articles. It covers health status, diseases, determinants, health systems and policies. HEIDI wiki will be officially launched on 3rd May 2012 at the Health Programme Conference.

Launch of the 4th EU Health Prize for Journalists 2012

The EU Health Prize for Journalists is awarded to stimulate high-quality journalism which raises awareness of issues related to healthcare and patients' rights.


High Level Conference on EU Health Programmes: results and perspectives

Activities at EU level

Public Health Programme 2008 - 2013

European Commission–DG Health and Consumers

Health programme

European Commission–DG Health and Consumers


European Commission–DG Health and Consumers


European Commission–DG Health and Consumers


Watch the 'High Level Conference on EU Health Programmes: results and perspectives'

Watch all the speakers online! The Conference will be streamed live in original language and recorded and will be available on the internet.

High Level Conference on EU Health Programmes: results and perspectives booklet

A selection of successful projects funded by the EU Health Programmes.

Proposal for a new Health for Growth Programme (2014-2020)

The proposal for the new health programme.

EU Health Prize for journalists – Articles

The overall winner of the prize 2011

The winners of the 2011 edition were Ben Hirschler and Kate Kelland from the United Kingdom, with an article on antimicrobial resistance.

The overall winner of the prize 2010

The winners of the 2010 edition were Gianluca Ferraris and Ilaria Molinari with "Stealing Hope".

The overall winner of the prize 2009

The winner of the 2009 edition was Estelle Saget from France, with an article on schizophrenia.

Health Programme Projects

Projects funded under Health Programme 2008-2013

This database includes information about projects, conferences and operating grants funded from 2003 to 2008 under the previous PHP and current Health Programme 2008-2013.

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