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Issue 126, 13 March 2014


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Third Health Programme promotes optimal cooperation

Tonio Borg, European Commissioner for Health

Tonio Borg, European Commissioner for Health

With the adoption of the Third Health Programme for 2014-2020, we are entering into a new phase for supporting action on public health in the European Union. The programme is the key tool to support EU health policy, to foster cooperation with Member States and health stakeholders and to help improve health outcomes across the European Union. The programme is designed to support and complement Member States’ action in areas where cooperation at EU level is either indispensable or provides important added value.

This cooperation becomes increasingly important in the current economic context. Member State [...]

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News from the EU 

Consultation launched on preliminary opinion on Metal-on-Metal joint replacements  »

The consultation has been launched on the preliminary Opinion on Metal-on-Metal joint replacements, with a particular focus on metal hip implants.

Joint Action on comprehensive cancer control holds kick-off meeting  »

The Joint Action on comprehensive cancer control (CANCON) held its kick off meeting in mid-March.

Greater European Union effort needed to wipe out tuberculosis by 2050  »

On the occasion of World Tuberculosis Day on 24 March, WHO/Europe is urging Member States to boost their efforts to reach the target of eliminating TB globally by 2050.

Member States concerted approach to tackle Childhood Obesity  »

At the recent conference in Athens on nutrition and physical activity, Member States announced the agreement of the High Level Group on Nutrition and Physical Activity on a European action plan targeting childhood obesity.

European Commission and WHO publish country profiles on obesity  »

Newly published country profiles on nutrition, physical activity and obesity provide an overview of country data on a selected list of monitoring and surveillance indicators.

Has Europe cut down on its salt intake?  »

The European Union Framework on voluntary national salt initiatives was established in 2008 and set a benchmark of a minimum of 16 % salt reduction over four years. A new survey reveals how much progress has been made.

What are European countries doing to prevent intentional injuries to children?  »

This month, the European Child Safety Alliance launches a report on National Action to Address Child Intentional Injury, examining safety measures in place to address intentional injury to children in over 25 Member States.

Reporting from across Europe 

Italy launches new healthcare services portal  [Italy]  »

A new portal has now been launched to provide information about healthcare services in Italy, including the types of activities carried out, the timetable, how to make reservations and evaluation from patients.

Students, teachers and schools working together for a Healthy Ireland  [Ireland]  »

The Ministry for Health welcomed the publication of the 2012 “Lifeskills” Survey, which found that schools are playing an important role in promoting a Healthy Ireland through healthy eating initiatives at primary level.

Reducing nurses' administrative work may leave more time for care  [Germany]  »

Many nurses are dissatisfied with the extent of the administrative burden in nursing, which takes time away from providing care. The Federal Ministry of Health has been looking at ways to simplify nursing documentation procedures.

Forthcoming events 

Global Health Policy Forum on Access to Medicines (Brussels, 20 March 2014)  »

DG Health and Consumers is organizing a Global Health Policy Forum on Access to Medicines as part of a series of five events to be organized in 2014.

Ninth Biennial Childhood Leukemia Symposium (Prague, 28-29 April 2014)  »

This event in the Czech Republic will offer participants a unique opportunity to discuss the latest progress in childhood leukemia in an open forum of pediatric hermatologists and oncologists from all over the world.

European Conference on Rare Diseases and Orphan Products (Berlin, 8–10 May 2014)  »

This ECRD conference focuses on 'The Rare Disease Puzzle' and covers all rare diseases in Europe, bringing together patients’ representatives, academics, health care professionals, industry, regulators and policy makers.

Second Symposium on Pathways to Indefinite Lifespans, (Nicosia, Cyprus, 24-26 May 2014)  »

Biomedical and non-biomedical ways of abolishing ageing will be discussed, focusing on hypotheses and suggestions regarding the total elimination of age-dependent degenerative pathologies.

New publications 

External quality assurance scheme for Neisseria meningitidis 2012  »

Meningococcal disease surveillance is paramount and crucial in the early detection of cases to activate public health response, surveillance for vaccination purposes, and the estimation of the burden of meningococcal disease.

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