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Issue 121, 16 January 2014


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Health inequalities

By John F. Ryan, Acting Director Public Health Directorate

By John F. Ryan, Acting Director Public Health Directorate

Reducing inequalities in health between different socio-economic groups and between different parts of the EU is one of the burning issues facing the European Union today. For the last 4 years, the public health directorate in SANCO has been coordinating the implementation of the EU strategy to address health inequalities ‘Solidarity in Health’.


On 11th December 2013, the Commission published the EU-funded report “Health Inequalities in the EU”, produced by a consortium led by Sir Michael Marmot of University College, London. It summarises new evidence on health inequalities in the EU and ass [...]

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Health Programme Projects »

Report to identify best practices in tobacco control to reduce health inequalities

Report on health status of the Roma population in the EU

EU Health Prize for Journalists – Articles »

I want to live, Evangelos Pallas, national winner 2012 for Cyprus

The case of red cheeks and a timely test, Erzsébet Fazekas, national winner 2012 for Hungary


News from the EU 

14th Ministerial Meeting of the Global Health Security Initiative (Rome, 13 December 2013)  »

Ministers reflected on emerging health security events of the last year and explored collaborative actions to protect the health and safety of the populations, and strengthen health security globally.

Discover the finalists for the EU Health Prize for Journalists 2013  »

The EU Health Prize for Journalists has selected the 28 national finalists that will now compete at EU level.

Public Consultation on the preliminary opinion on Nanosilver: safety, health and environmental effects and role in antimicrobial resistance  »

The European Commission has launched a public consultation on the above-mentioned preliminary opinion of the SCENIHR, which focused on the use of nanosilver and possible associated health risks.

European Innovation Partnership (EIP) on active and healthy ageing: Scaling up for healthy growth  »

The EIP published a new video on scaling up for healthy growth.

Greek presidency of the Council of the European Union  »

In January, the Greek Presidency of the Council of the EU will be commencing. Read the priorities and draft program.

Reporting from across Europe 

G8 Dementia Summit  [United Kingdom]  »

The summit brought together health ministers, innovators, researchers and investors to explore how we can transform our current approach to dementia.

Ministry of Health in Spain agrees to limit the consumption of electronic cigarettes  [Spain]  »

The Ministry of Health and the regional authorities agreed on a common position on limiting the use of electronic cigarettes until the health consequences are established, with the protection of minors as a priority.

'Health matters' National Prevention Programme to kick off in February 2014  [Netherlands]  »

The three-year programme, which will run from 2014 to 2016, will be a joint effort by six Ministries, municipalities, businesses and civil society organisations.

EU Press Releases 

Commissioner Borg welcomes agreement on the revision of the Tobacco Products Directive  »

This agreement means a new Directive will ensure that tobacco products look and taste like tobacco products and help discourage young people from starting to smoke.

Food: Commission tables proposals on animal cloning and novel food  »

The European Commission adopted three draft laws on animal cloning and on novel food which will provide legal certainty in this field.

Forthcoming events 

Conference 'Addressing health inequalities 2014 and beyond: building cohesion and strengthening health for growth' (Brussels, 23 January 2014)  »

This conference is organized by the partners of the Joint Action on Health Inequalities and will bring together international experts and a range of other key stakeholders.

Conference ‘Health in Europe – Making it fairer’ (Brussels, 18 March 2014)  »

This major conference addresses the issue of improving fairness and equity in health in Europe, improving access to health and combating discrimination in health.

New publications 

Health and environment: communicating the risks, published by the World Health Organization (WHO)  »

This report presents a series of key messages useful to regional and local authorities, as well as to risk managers in general.

Transplantation and Transfusion: Projects and Actions for saving and improving the quality of life of citizens by facilitating transplantation and blood transfusion in the European Union  »

This brochure introduces each project with a short summary and provides descriptions of their major outputs.

Seasonal influenza vaccination - State of play on the implementation of the Council Recommendation  »

The Recommendation calls on Member States and EEA countries to take action to mitigate the impact of seasonal influenza through national, regional or local action plans or policies and by improving seasonal influenza vaccination coverage.

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