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Issue 113, 19 July 2013


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Citizens better protected from cross-border health threats

By Tonio Borg, European Commissioner for Health

By Tonio Borg, European Commissioner for Health

I am delighted that the European Parliament and the Council have recently reached an agreement on the Decision on serious cross-border threats to health. This is a big step forward in improving health security in the European Union and protecting citizens across Europe from possible future pandemics, environmental or chemical disasters or other health threats.

Under this new legislation, these different types of serious cross-border threats to health can be treated from now on in a consistent manner at EU level, learning from the experience in the last 20 years with many outbreaks and emergencies....]

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The Alerting, Reporting and Surveillance System for Chemical Health Threats, Phase III (ASHTIII)


News from the EU 

Lithuanian Minister of Health announces priorities in health sector during the presidency  »

The revision of the Tobacco Products Directive and sustainable heath systems are amongst the priorities of the Lithuania presidency.

Proposal for fees for pharmacovigilance payable to the European Medicines Agency (EMA) adopted  »

The Commission has adopted a legal proposal which would see pharmaceutical companies pay specific fees for Union-wide pharmacovigilance activities.

Experts Group on Health Information (Luxembourg, 29-30 May 2013)  »

Presentations are now available.

Strategy for Europe on nutrition, overweight and obesity related health issues  »

Final report of the evaluation of the implementation of the strategy.

The Executive Agency for Health and Consumers (EAHC) launches calls for tender implementing the EU Health Programme.  »

The topics of these calls for tender are published in the annual workplan. For more information please register on the EAHC mailing-list.

ECDC point prevalence survey  »

Healthcare-associated infections still a major public health problem, 1 in 18 patients in European hospitals affected.

WHO European ministerial conference on nutrition and noncommunicable diseases in the context of health 2020  »

In his keynote address during the session on childhood obesity and inequalities, Mr John Ryan, from the European Commission Directorate-General for Health and Consumers, noted that obesity rates in children are increasing at an alarming rate.

European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing - 32 star cities and regions rewarded  »

Star cities and regions across Europe have been rewarded for putting innovative ideas into practice to help older people.

Reporting from across Europe 

'Retrace' - the national surveillance system for injuries and accidents  [Luxembourg]  »

Luxembourg will participate in the collection of European data on injuries and accidents.

'The reasons'- anti smoking campaign  [France]  »

The campaign invites every smoker to find their own personal reasons to quit smoking.

Smoke free campaign celebrates 10 years with online photo competition  [Germany]  »

Under the slogan " Cooler than smoking, I find….." young people are invited to submit their photos. 

Forthcoming events 

International summer school - "Rare Disease and orphan drug registries" (16-20 September 2013, Rome)  »

The course will take the participants through the main concepts and practical steps that must be undertaken in the establishment and management of a rare disease registry to ensure its usefulness, soundness and sustainability.

'The use of injury data for driving health and consumer policies and actions at local and national level' (13 November 2013, Brussels)  »

EuroSafe and the injury section of the European Public Health Association (EUPHA) will jointly organise a one day seminar.

The 16th European Health Forum, Gastein (2-4October 2013, Bad Hofgastein)  »

The EHFG is the leading health policy conference in Europe. The main objective is to facilitate the establishment of a framework for advising and developing European health systems.

'Eat well, drink well and move' (17 September 2013, Brussels)  »

The international chair on cardiometabolic risk conference on abdominal obesity, type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease: A Lifestyle Disease.

New publications 

First Commission report on the paediatric regulation  »

Medicines for children: more research, more availability and more information compared with 5 years ago.

EU Press Releases 

Rules established on Health Technology Assessment (HTA)  »

HTA provides policy-makers with information on the benefits and comparative value of health technologies and procedures.

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